Cheese still gives me nightmares

14th July 2008 – 1.49 pm

I didn't sleep terribly well this weekend. I had two nightmares Saturday night, both waking me up and one causing me to try to scream in my sleep, which wasn't pleasant. This left me feeling a bit tired on Sunday, although it was mostly a pleasantly relaxing day. I was looking forward to getting an early night, though.

Plugging in my iPod Touch to recharge it in my computer Sunday evening reminded me that the 2.0 software had been released on Friday, which included the new application functionality. I decided to upgrade the firmware on the Touch and started the large download and update process. What I hadn't done was taken in to account that all my music, video and other user data would have to be reloaded in to the Touch after the update. This makes some sense, having a computer on which to back-up all the information and updating the firmware on a blank device, but it meant having to upload some 22 GB of data again.

The data upload took rather longer than the simple upgrade process I had expected, and the already getting-late hour meant I ended up not getting the early night I had wanted. On top of that, I had another nightmare and woke up with another little scream.

But wait, I had eaten some Stilton with blueberries on Saturday evening, and last night I had some Saint Agur blue cheese at about the same time. Have I forgotten that cheese gives me nightmares?!

On top of that, it looks like the 2.0 iPod Touch software has some changed behaviour. It used to be that when swapping between music and video the current music playlist's position would be stored to be recalled when swapping back from video, but now the music playlist resets whenever video is played. I am hoping that this is undesired behaviour and will be fixed soon, rather than it being a fix for the previous undesired behaviour.

  1. 3 Responses to “Cheese still gives me nightmares”

  2. I hate teh cheez

    By Darrin on Jul 30, 2008

  3. Did you get the job at the cheese factory?

    By pjharvey on Jul 30, 2008

  4. No. They're looking for someone with more PLC experience... (that's programmable logic contoller, as opposed to pigmented Lancashire cheesemaking experience)

    By Darrin on Aug 4, 2008

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