Weekend, CDs and tickets

8th September 2008 – 2.37 pm

This weekend found me in the centre of London again, which makes three trips in to town in three weeks. The first trip I had planned to meet up with a friend for a birthday lunch but had managed to get my dates wrong. It still suited me to go in to London so I went anyway, and picked up Chemical Chords by Stereolab and Earth to The Dandy Warhols. The second trip was the date of the birthday lunch, so I headed in to London and had a pleasant lunch with a couple of friends. On that trip I picked up Rip it Off by Times New Viking and also tried to get a ticket for a gig, but was told that it wasn't listed and if I came back next week they would have more information. Well, why not, as it is a pleasant enough trip and I could get myself a ticket for the Sci Fi London Oktoberfest whilst there.

The gig I tried to buy a ticket for the previous week was still unconfirmed by the venue, but that was okay. A newly advertised gig that I would like to go to is now on the night before, so I bought a ticket to that one instead. I then went in search of the location of the venue, as I hadn't been there before. I had looked up its general area on the internet earlier and roughly where it was but didn't know the venue itself. It turns out that I have walked past it many dozens of times without paying attention to its name, and as it isn't a usual venue for gigs this isn't surprising. Now I know where it is I don't need to worry about finding it on the night. Walking back from my reconnaissance I took the opportunity to pick up the new album from Fujiya & Miyagi, Lightbulbs.

As for getting a ticket to see the band whose recent gig I missed I came away empty handed. The agency I like to use doesn't have tickets for this particular venue, and doing some research shows that, in fact, no tickets are available to buy for the regular events. It looks like I will have to get to the venue early to avoid missing out, which may present the same problems as before. However, I have the incentives of not wanting to miss out on seeing a favourite band twice within a fortnight and the venue offers free admission for members, with free membership, so I can offset the uncertainty of admission with a free ticket if I manage to get in. I'm going to be positive about this.

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