Keeping busy

3rd March 2009 – 10.49 am

My desire to get a flying dragon, a different kind of Drake that I'll call a Tech II mount for this post, means I haven't been in New Eden terribly much recently, but that's not to say I haven't kept myself busy. I have a few more BPOs to play around with, as another of my ME research jobs finished and two that a coproration colleague generously queued for me in the POS completed. I have also been given some access to the laboratories in the POS and I install a cruise missile BPO for ME research, which should be ready soon.

I start buying a stockpile of minerals, so that I hopefully don't have to worry too much about picking up raw materials every time I want to start a production run. Apart from the initial set-up cost the drawback is that if the price of a mineral drops after I have bought a significant amount my profits could suffer. Luckily, there is the option to view the trends of costs for each item on the market. Before I buy anything I see whether the price is on the increase or decrease. If the price is rising I buy as much as I can at the lowest price I can find; if the price is dropping I only buy more-or-less what I need for my current jobs. Hopefully this will let me take advantage of good market prices and build up a stockpile of useful minerals with less risk of sitting on rapidly devaluing goods.

Of course, once I have the minerals I need to do something with them, which means setting up production runs. I now have more than a handful of BPOs from which to produce modules and ammunition, which is unsurprisingly more complicated to manage than the two I had before. I may need to create a table to show what modules need which minerals and the quantities involved before I can confidently buy a big enough spread of minerals to cover production for everything. Until then, I will limit myself to a couple of production jobs at a time, if only so that I can keep track of everything.

My previous production runs have completed and I am able to pick them up. I have more Scourge missiles and expanded cargoholds as well as some Hornet drones come off the production line ready for the market. The station where I previously sold my goods was still doing brisk trade, although all the Scourge missiles someone bought and relisted are being viciously undercut every day, but I notice that another station with a level three agent strangely bereft of these necessary items. I list my goods at this station, at a higher price than I would have risked otherwise, trading on the convenience of not needing to travel to get the goods.

I still need to pick up the minerals I recently bought and install new manufacturing jobs, to keep my production lines running. I will keep an eye on the market prices of minerals and keep myself supplied for continuing production, as well as monitor how well my current run of modules sells. I have perhaps got enough BPOs for the moment so maybe I can cut down on the ME research jobs, although with some help it looks like I might be able to start planning a more lucrative enterprise in producing a Tech II module or two. There is certainly enough going on to keep me entertained, with huge amounts of potential to be tapped.

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