Business is booming

7th May 2009 – 10.04 am

Being somewhat occupied with cinema over the weekend left little time for visiting New Eden. Indeed, because of travel time in and out of London, feeding myself and catching up with sleep the most I could manage was to check my status using Capsuleer. I expect to find a layer of dust covering my ships when I get back.

After spending forty million ISK on the research project management skill book recently, almost half my capital at the time, I have been expecting to rely on a steady stream of business to get my ISK back up to a more comfortable level. I have some large sales of missiles in a few locations, as well as taking care to ensure good stocks are available of various modules that have proven to sell well so far, so that I don't sell out over the long weekend when I am not around to manufacture more.

During quiet moments I call up Capsuleer to check to see how well my modules are selling. I make a million ISK here, five hundred thousand there, which whilst not particularly lucrative at least shows my modules are selling steadily. What surprises me is when I check a couple of days later to see a thirty million ISK jump in income! I know I had a lot of stock tied up in the market but I wasn't expecting to make so much ISK so quickly.

I imagine that most, if not all, of my missiles have sold, at the very least, and it will be interesting to get back to New Eden to find out where and with what I made my millions. No doubt I have some stock to replenish but I may delay any major manufacturing for a few days. Rather than scoot around the region looking for mineral bargains my skill training to refine minerals from salvaged modules is close to fruition.

Of course, it remains to be seen how efficiently module refining can supply my manufacturing processes and even if it is at least adequate it will still rely on my running encounter missions for the salvaged loot. If nothing else, it will provide further guaranteed profit from encounter missions, giving a good excuse to get out in to space and blow up rats occasionally, which can only be a good outcome.

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