I have seen the light

6th October 2009 – 5.29 pm

The Filesystem Checkwits go their separate ways for a week. We can do more damage this way. Our unified goal is to reach 20th level and be ready to enter the Deadmines but, apart from completing the required quest chains, how we get there is up to the individual. For example, I believe Vulzerda made a good attempt at gaining a few levels by riding a Brewfest ram around Dun Morogh whilst drunk. Personally, I try to make some headway to 20th level by attacking all the copper and tin veins I can find, which seems to be quite effective. My XP bar rises quite quickly with this method, hindered only by all the dastardly mobs getting in the way of my ore.

I am a little confused, though. A couple of weeks ago, when diverted from killing Hogger respawns, we encounter a dead dwarf near some Defias mages. I am informed that resurrecting the dwarf is a rite of passage for paladins wanting to learn the redemption spell, but each time I head back to Stormwind Cathedral to train new abilities I am not offered any quests from the paladin trainers. It is only when I look to see what nifty abilities I can expect to gain with imminent levels that I notice the second rank of redemption offered, and here I am without the first rank. Using my meta-knowledge of Azeroth, I suspect poor game design and catch ships from Stormwind to Auberdine, Auberdine to Azuremyst Isle, where I return to The Exodar.

Visiting the Draenei paladin trainers in The Exodar reveals a quest waiting for me, one where I have to waste time running to Bloodmyst Isle to revivify a cuddly furbolg, the reward for which being the privelege of gaining redemption. Apparently, dwarves aren't worth saving for Draenei, at least, not if they are not solid, but it would have been useful for the Stormwind chapter of Light-huggers to guide me back to The Exodar, rather than leave me in the dark, as it were. Gits.

At 20th level, I at last get some more offensive capabilities beyond auto-attack and a choice of two judgements that share a ten-second cool-down. Consecration is an instant-cast area-of-effect spell that will certainly help against multiple mobs, and exorcism deals a vicious blast to nearby non-believers of the Light, hitting undead abominations even harder. But even before I am trained in these new abilities I find a nifty use for my hand of reckoning taunt ability.

The various taunts for each class have been modified to work out to thirty yards, which is much more useful than the previous five yard range. With otherwise extremely limited access to ranged attacks, it is even more useful for the paladin, offering an easy method of pulling mobs without needing to 'body pull'. Getting physically close to draw the direct attention of the mobs may work, but in crowded areas it risks pulling adds at the start of combat.

Hand of reckoning also deals damage to any foe not currently targeting the paladin. This extra damage is a nice addition on a pull, when the mob isn't targeting any player, but should a mob retreat when it is low on health it also happens to disengage from the character. The hand of reckoning on a bolting mob is a killing blow, effective out to thirty yards. It is an amazingly handy ability for the low-level paladin, and quite invigorating to smite fleeing foes in their backs. Hark, I think I hear the Scarlet Crusade beckoning me in to their ranks.

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