Ready to get right back in the saddle

30th May 2010 – 3.58 pm

Revenge is a dish best served as dessert. Otherwise it wouldn't technically be revenge, I suppose. Back at the tower in my new Onyx, more engineers have turned up and are looking for action. The visitors from high-sec are still attacking Sleepers in the C1 system a couple of wormhole jumps away and now we have equality in numbers and the advantage in firepower. First I need a name for my new heavy interdictor. Death Cake is suggested and, whilst I quite like it, I am loath to imply that the ship I fly is a weapon dangerous to anyone but myself. Combining the idea with another suggestion, I rename my new Onyx to Butterscotch Delight. Now dessert can be served.

We assemble on the wormhole a Hurricane battlecruiser optimised for damage, my Onyx, and three recon ships in a Curse, Rook, and Pilgrim. Our scout is currently in the C1 and again monitoring the visitors clearing Sleeper anomalies, exchanging roles with another pilot so that he can return to our tower and swap in to a Myrmidon battlecruiser. We're looking pretty threatening now. To be honest, my nerves are tingling slightly from the earlier loss but I will not let that hold me back. I won't delay in jumping through the wormhole and warping, even if any lag looks natural, as I would only be harming myself by harming the corporation. I'm ready to put myself back in to the action.

As it turns out, the visitors clear their last anomaly and head back to high-sec space before we can get a good position on them, their salvaging boat clearing up too quickly to catch, and we are left sitting passively on the other side of a wormhole. But that's okay, as we have an unoccupied C4 full of anomalies to ourselves. It's a short hop back to the tower to change in to our Sleeper operations ships before returning to clear our own anomalies. Perhaps this is where we should have started the night, but straightforward profit-making doesn't quite have the excitement and uncertainty of w-space PvP. But I also need to earn iskies to keep paying for new HICs.

Our moderate fleet tackles the anomalies smoothly, our recent operations getting us back in to a decent groove after some short breaks. The Rook is doing an excellent job of keeping us Guardian pilots relaxed, jamming nearly all of the incoming damage. Our task is almost reduced to feeding capacitor energy to hungry battleships. Five anomalies are cleared of Sleeper ships and then swept clean by salvagers. I miss the salvaging, though, the late hour calling me to get some sleep. The evening has been full of ships exploding all around me, I hope my dreams are more peaceful.

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