Losing a Maller, making a profit

28th June 2010 – 5.12 pm

The local w-space systems are mapped and we have a simple route from home to high-sec empire space. Copying the bookmarks across to my systems shows that the exit leads to The Forge region, which could potentially be close to many of my k-space possessions. I have been considering liquidating some assets, not that I really need the ISK but there doesn't seem much point in having them gather dust either. Sadly, the exit system is over a dozen jumps from anywhere useful and I don't feel like spending my evening travelling. But what I could do instead is try to cause a bit of disruption in high-sec.

An hour later, my attempt at being annoying and goading capsuleers in to shooting me hasn't worked out quite as well as I'd hoped. I manage to find a strategic cruiser at the well-hidden cosmic beacon of a celestial agent, a Blackbird cruiser on a stargate, and a lack of Drake battlecruisers in mission deadspace. I also manage to find a World's Collide or similar mission where I am not quite fast enough to escape the warp-disrupting rats, my punily tanked Maller cruiser getting embarrassingly popped by NPCs. I buy a replacement corporation Maller and return limply to w-space, where I grab a salvaging ship and clear up behind a colleague piloting his Tengu strategic cruiser through class 1 anomalies.

The salvaging relaxes me, made smoother by my recent training and soon to be breathtaking once I have access to Tech II salvaging modules. Bringing the loot home makes me ready to swap ships again and join a fleet for Sleeper combat in our neighbouring C4 system. The wormhole has become all wobbly, reaching its EOL stage, and although I am reassured it has at least a couple of hours before collapsing it still makes me nervous. The occupants of the C4 are not awake and it is easy enough to choose anomalies that are out of range of their tower anyway, as the system is vast. Each celestial body is out of the directional scanner's range of the others.

To save time and potential isolation we run with our salvaging Ishtar, or Salvatar, which loots and salvages the wrecks as we fight. We are well-practiced in clearing anomalies in class 4 w-space and the combat goes smoothly, even with our small fleet. Only two anomalies are cleared before the hour gets late enough to send us home, but I don't mind as it lets us get back through that unnervingly wobbly wormhole and return safely to our tower. The loot is counted and, along with the earlier salvaging, I earn about seventy million ISK for the evening. Even less the cost of a Maller cruiser it has been a profitable end to the day.

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