Breaking five billion

30th September 2010 – 5.27 pm

Pengu is borrowed, letting me spend the evening relaxing in a salvager. The corporation strategic cruiser fleet is shooting Sleepers in our neighbouring class 4 w-space system and I am a little too late to get in to my own Tengu, but as I enjoy salvaging a little too much I board Marxian Principles, my Cormorant destroyer, and sweep up behind them.

I may be late to join the fleet but only by a little, just the one site currently full of Sleeper wrecks waiting for me. And our neighbouring system holds a black hole, significantly increasing speeds but reducing missile ranges. That's both good and bad for the Tengu, and mostly good for salvaging, as a black hole system needs a modified salvaging strategy. But it is the glow of the system's star and the anomaly's bloom that is more detrimental to my efficiency today, making it difficult to see the wrecks amongst the glare. Even so, it doesn't take long to loot and salvage all the wrecks, the added velocity from the black hole phenomenon helping my destroyer speed along, and I move on to the now-obliterated second anomaly.

The third anomaly sees my hold fill up with reinforced metal scraps, the bulkiest element of looting and salvaging, but I'm not going to leave it as jetsam to make room for more precious materials. Instead I bookmark my current position, warp to and jump through the wormhole home, and transfer all my current cargo in to our corporate hangar. I am led to believe that even though the reinforced metal scraps are not worth much they contain enough tritanium to help pay some alliance bills, and I am not rushed for the time to make these return trips, salvaging the wrecks quicker than the fleet makes them.

I go back to my previously bookmarked position and continue salvaging where I left off. Our squad leader then alerts us to a potential threat. He has scanning probes launched and checks them occasionally for the appearance of new signatures and ships, and he now reports a wormhole coming in to this system. A new connection could mean hostile ships coming to look for us. 'Oh. Well', he continues after a short pause, updating us that the wormhole is coming 'from our system'. I volunteer to check to see if it has any towers, just to be safe, and our squad leader agreeing, as 'those people would attack us if they found us', aggressive bastards that they are.

Crisis over, combat and salvaging continue. The fourth and fifth sites are cleared, and I make another journey back to our tower to return the loot and bulky metal scraps, before twiddling my thumbs for a bit whilst the fleet finishes fighting in the sixth anomaly. The operation is running without a hitch and we manage to clear eight anomalies in total, as I revel in the opportunity to salvage so many wrecks in all those sites in one evening. A quick scouting expedition ends the night, finding a couple of towers in a couple of systems, and although there are two piloted ships in the tower of a class 1 system there is no activity occurring.

I head to bed after getting my share of the night's profits, the hundred and forty-five million ISK pushing my wallet's total to over five billion iskies. Life in w-space continues to look healthy.

  1. 3 Responses to “Breaking five billion”

  2. Good job! That's quite a milestone.

    By Stabs on Sep 30, 2010

  3. Yikes thats allot of Isk's, well allot more than i got anyway. Gratz sleeping well on a pillow sac full of it, i would lol.

    If you can't use it or won't miss it all, could just donate a few million to my slow growing funds, you would hardly miss it with that many zeros lol.

    By Ardent Defender on Sep 30, 2010

  4. Thanks, chaps. I fear the Penny wallet will be hit hard when I eventually go out to high-sec, so I'm enjoying my balance whilst it lasts.

    I had earmarked twenty million or so iskies for you, AD, but I apparently made a donation for that amount for 'New Corporation Ferrets'. I don't remember doing that.

    By pjharvey on Oct 1, 2010

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