Looking for fuel

19th December 2010 – 3.41 pm

The tower still needs some fuel, so I'd better get some. At least an exit to low-sec empire space should give my Crane transport ship an easy, if potentially lengthy, route to a station in high-sec. All I need to do is find it, and our neighbouring class 3 w-space system is the obvious place to look. I scan our static wormhole and jump in to today's class 3 system. My directional scanner is clear of any threats or occupation, but the system is vast and I had better warp around a bit to make sure.

Unless I am missing a planet again there are no locals to interrupt my scanning, but there is a Bestower hauler visible on d-scan somewhere in the system. Already distracted from my important task I launch combat scanning probes to locate this industrial ship, once I am sure it is not in a slowly degrading orbit around a planet. As I already know it is near a certain planet, there is only that ship in the system, and I am in no hurry, it is trivial to resolve its position with the combat probes.

Unsurprisingly enough, the Bestower is abandoned. It's a shame—or perhaps shameful—I can't pilot one, meaning I'll have to leave it here in deep, unknown space. At least, for now. Once I get to empire space I could buy the appropriate skill book and perhaps come to collect the ship later, to add to our collection. I return my attention to scanning for an exit out of w-space, but nothing looks like a wormhole on my initial covering scans. Time is limited for me tonight and I would rather not have to identify each signature in turn, but that's what I do.

I eventually resolve the only wormhole in the system, making it the system's static connection. But I have to check my nav-comp a couple of times just to be sure, as it seems that the wormhole leads out not to low-sec empire space but null-sec. That can't be, it's the static wormhole in our neighbouring class 3 system! I take a look on the other side of the wormhole anyway, and I am about as far away from a space station as possible. F-WCLC in the Outer Passage region is a dead end, making me think I'd have better luck finding tower fuel in w-space. Oh well, there is still a couple more days until our force field collapses, maybe I'll have more luck tomorrow.

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