A simple start to scanning

19th July 2011 – 5.03 pm

I wake up to see the orange and black nebulae of a class 5 w-space system. It's my first day in the corporation's beach house but it's business as usual, as I find myself alone. I launch probes and scan. Having more pilots, and more industrially minded pilots, has the C5 cleaner than our C4 base, with only a few anomalies and a handful of gas and rock mining sites present, all of which I bookmark for easy reference before visiting the sole wormhole in the system. The static connection leads to class 4 w-space, and jumping through puts me in directional scanner range of the system's star and innermost planet. I'm sure there is more to see here, so I launch probes and warp off to explore.

It's been a while since I've visited class 4 w-space systems on a regular basis, and it should be no surprise that the last time I was in this system was just over a year ago. I can't rely on my notes after such a gap, but the tower still seems to be in the same place as before. It's good to see other corporations nicely settled in w-space, this one even having a Thanatos in their C4. The carrier isn't piloted, though, neither are the Orca industrial command ship, Drake battlecruiser, and Nemesis stealth bomber, making the system inactive.

There may be no one around but the corporation remains dangerous, as they have a very effective bubble trap configured, one that pulls unwary ships straight through the tower's shields to decloak them. I imagine there have been a fair few ships popped as panicked pilots fail to flee the way they came. At least, those ships that are affected by bubbles. I'm okay but still recognise the benefit of making a safer spot to warp here to, and move away from the tower to do so. But a confirmed lack of pilots lets me scan, and I ignore the rocks, rocks, rocks, and a tiny bit of gas to get to the sole wormhole, a tiny connection to class 1 w-space being the static link here. How cute.

The class 1 system has fewer ships and relatedly more signatures than the C4 behind me, being unoccupied and full of gas. Ignoring a single magnetometric site breaks up the monotony of ignoring even more rocks and gas, and when finally found the wormhole leads out to low-sec empire space. Having nowhere else to go, I jump to low-sec and scan the system in the Devoid region I find myself in, only resolving even more gravimetric sites and a tomb. The dullness of today's constellation is almost reassuring, not being led on a merry dance through w-space after w-space system, but it still leaves me with nothing more to do for now. I head back to the bivouac to grab a bite to eat.

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