Finding Impass

17th April 2014 – 5.52 pm

There's no change in space, as far as I can tell. That's a little over 14 AU, for what it's worth, and I'm fairly sure space extends at least a little beyond that. Perhaps I should take a better look around than merely punching my directional scanner in a safe spot in the home system. I launch probes and scan my way out, which is through our static wormhole, as usual.

Ships! I see ships! Not on the other side of the wormhole, thankfully, but on d-scan. And with a tower also visible. Still, ships. An Oracle and Hurricane battlecruiser, Manticore stealth bomber, Flycatcher interdictor, Curse recon ship, and Cerberus heavy assault cruiser. It's a motley bunch, and with no wrecks visible I'm supposing they aren't up to much.

A visit to this class 3 w-space system from only two weeks or so ago should have the tower unmoved from its previous location, which lets me quickly warp to it and see that all the ships are floating unpiloted inside a force field. Back to scanning. It's a messy system, fifteen anomalies and twenty signatures to sift through, with three wormholes amongst the gas, relic, and data sites.

The first wormhole is the static exit to low-sec, looking like it leads to Aridia. The second is just a K162 from null-sec, but the third is a K162 from class 2 w-space. That's what I'm after. I get the exit in Aridia first, just in case I encounter trouble, and note the opportunity of extra signatures in the system. But w-space first, and back through C3a to jump in to C2a.

Over ten towers are visible on d-scan in the class 2 system. Eleven, in fact. There are also two Dominix battleships somewhere, but still no wrecks so probably no activity. I can't be bothered to locate all of the towers, as it takes time and effort for generally no benefit, however much I like to keep notes, but looking for the ships seems like a good idea. One Dominix is piloted in one tower, the second piloted in a second, neither doing anything. That was fun.

I leave Fin watching a ship or two come in through C2a's static exit to high-sec that she has resolved, and monitoring a more-distant tower that has angrier-looking ships floating inside it, and return to Aridia to look for better opportunity. It's not often I consider scanning Aridia to be a good idea, but it's bound to happen occasionally. Actually scanning the four extra signatures only finds three combat sites and a pocket of gas, though. Stupid Aridia.

Clone soldier rat in low-sec

At least I find a clone soldier trying to mind his own business in a rock field. Popping him for security status gain would be less stressful if a new contact didn't appear in the system as soon as I engaged the rat. I align my Loki out and keep shooting, thankfully popping the rat without interruption. But now what? I think I've exhausted my options. That is, until I remember the null-sec K162 in C3a.

Another system to explore, and is that a ratting carrier I see on d-scan? Maybe, but probably not any more. There are rat wrecks galore on d-scan, but it looks like the Thanatos has retreated to the safety of a tower on my appearance in the system. Never mind, there are extra signatures to check for wormholes, all four resolving to be combat sites. Balls to it, I'm going home.

Wait a minute. I'm in Impass. This is a neat realisation, as it is one of the two regions I was yet to visit for my collection of New Eden wormhole colours. I'm glad I noticed before going off-line, or I'd have been a mite upset. I jump back to C3a, grab the requisite images of the colours shimmering through the wormhole, note the nebulae they represent, and feel like I've made some progress this evening before heading home. It's a good feeling.

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