Staying home for Sleepers

12th May 2014 – 5.55 pm

Damn, some of our sites have been plundered. We've had too many visitors lately, some of them were bound to stay a while. Thank goodness none have stayed forever, I don't have a giant electrifying ball of evil. There is another signature in home system too, which I kinda hope isn't yet another wormhole, but for the sake of finding activity I almost kinda do. I launch probes and scan.

It's not a wormhole, it's gas. I have decided: that's a good result. I'll take the opportunity of a closed system to sweep through one of our remaining anomalies, collecting the loot for ourselves. In to the tower, swap to the Golem marauder, and out to a decent anomaly. Pew pew! What sound do cruise missiles make? Ah, here's my glorious leader, perhaps she knows.

Fin boards a Tengu strategic cruiser to help with shooting Sleepers, adding heavy missile noises to cruise missile noises. Whatever the noises may be, they combine to make the sound of efficiency. The marauder cuts through the larger ships well enough, but adding the cruiser-sized weapons just rips all the ships apart. 'Whole lot o' painting goin' on', says Fin. There sure is.

The first site is cleared, on to the second. That's weird, there look to be the usual ships in the site but not in the normal position. And, in fact, they're not the usual ships. 'This is from when I died', says Fin, remembering when she interrupted some intruders recently, sacrificing her Loki strategic cruiser to get rid of them. It seems these two Sleepers have been milling around ever since. No longer.

Salvaging Sleepers in a Cormorant

Two sites cleared, it's back to our tower and out in a Cormorant destroyer to sweep up the few wrecks I didn't entrust to the silly mobile tractor unit. Almost all of the loot and salvage is already back at the tower, collected by the Golem, and we risk almost nothing in picking up the rest. All told, we make about 150 Miskies from the not-quite-two sites. 'Do you want to do any of the others?' Umm.

I suppose we can do more. This is hardly my favourite activity, less so in the less-efficient anomalies, but it is necessary and I have good company. Back in to the Golem, back out of the force field to face more Sleepers. I'm tasked with taking out some guns, which are tougher than they look, or have a smaller signature than I expect, so I stop shooting them when the last frigate in the first wave of Sleepers pops and a new wave with bigger ships appears.

All the ships seem tougher in this anomaly than the other. I don't know why. I thought this would be relatively quick, but the combat is dragging on a little. We plough on all the same, clearing the first site and sweeping up all but a few of the wrecks with the MTU before moving to a second. It's more of the same, dropping guns as Fin handles frigates, then working our way through different ends of the ship-size spectrum.

Golem and Tengu against the Sleepers

I think that's enough for me. It's getting late, and I don't fancy clearing the last anomaly just for the sake of doing so. We bring out salvaging destroyers to claim the last little bits of loot, and I warn Fin about the guns in the site otherwise cleared of Sleepers but not yet despawned. 'Oh, oops.' She's okay, though, and we add to our earlier tally with an extra 200 Miskies of loot. I'll go back to exploration tomorrow.

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