Little profit, little activity

18th September 2014 – 5.40 pm

I have a bit of me time to start the evening. There are anomalies piling up in the home system and just the two signatures. Launching probes to scan resolves our static wormhole as the only connection, the other signature being a gas site. Our system is isolated, letting me take time to consider what to do. Glancing over the anomalies sees a couple of my favoured type, and, hey, a ghost site. I've not noticed one of them for a while. I've not really cared about them for a while either.

The ghost site is almost tempting to clear, but the race to click as fast as possible across unintuitive glyphs with no logical way of determining a safe path is not particularly appealing to me. That the loot needs to be dragged to a trade hub and contracted for sale makes it less desirable, and that there may not be any decent loot just seals the deal. I'll get the Golem marauder out to clear the two anomalies for actual and predictable gains in ISK.

I've not really watched any films that I have an strong urge to discuss with a vacuum, so my mind is mostly a blank as I pop Sleepers and salvage the wrecks a silly mobile tractor unit drags close to me. At least my view is clearer than my mind, not having been dropped in to a blinding cloud in this anomaly. I actually have a pretty view of the system, the star glinting off in the distance, the pulsar providing a secondary light source.

Launching cruise missiles at Sleepers from a Golem

The view in the anomaly may be good, but the haul from the Sleepers is distinctly average, pulling around 155 Miskies from two sites. Let's see if the constellation deals me a better hand. I swap back to my Proteus strategic cruiser and warp to our wormhole, jumping through to see what the neighbouring class 3 w-space system has to offer. A tower and Moa cruiser, and bugger all else.

My directional scanner shows me the occupation and ship, the discovery scanner ruins the mystery of there being no anomalies and three signatures. The one planet in d-scan range will hold the tower and ship, as the only signature in range is our K162. I warp to the centre of the system to get closer to the other two signatures, just in case there actually is something out there, but see nothing else when updating d-scan.

No surprises from the discovery scanner

I launch probes whilst out of range of the Moa, although I'm not really sure why I need to. Even if the ship is piloted, what's he going to do? One of the signatures will be the static wormhole, which according to my notes will exit to low-sec, the other isn't likely to see the Moa active. Even if it's a gas site, Venture mining frigates have made cruisers expensive and inefficient for gas harvesting, and there's no way a standard cruiser could survive a w-space relic or data site.

Locating the tower for reference actually finds the Moa piloted. I still don't know what he's planning to do, and a blanket scan of the system shows that the mystery signature clearly isn't a K162. I resolve it anyway, along with the static wormhole, not bothering to be sneaky about it in a system where there are no secrets. It's a relic site. I think I'll leave, look for better opportunity elsewhere, and I warp to the wormhole to see an exit to Sinq Laison. Through I go.

I appear in low-sec in Rancer. I've heard of this system, and if I've heard of a low-sec system it is probably for the wrong reasons. Three corpses on d-scan corroborate my opinion. Still, I'm not about to use any stargates, so I should be okay. I launch probes to see how many wormholes the seven additional signatures hold, which turns out to be three. One is a crappy K162 from more low-sec space, a second is a nifty K162 from class 2 w-space, and the third is an uninspiring X702 outbound connection to more class 3 w-space.

I may have opened the X702, as it looks particularly stable, so I best use it before the discovery scanner makes its signature known to everyone on the other side. That turns out to be no one. At least, no one obvious, as d-scan is clear from the K162. Launching probes and blanketing the system doesn't find any ships, leaving me the seven anomalies and fifteen signatures that I could already somehow see without probes.

Return to the Sucky Place container

Some structures appear out by a far planet in C3b, which are worth investigating for occupation. Crossing the system and updating d-scan doesn't see a tower, but it does see a familiar object, a canister labelled 'sucky place'. I remember this system, and checking my notes confirms that I was here only a few days ago. Yep, no occupation, a static wormhole to low-sec, and a canister of truth. This is a sucky place. A quick look for K162s resolves two wormholes, the non-static connection being a K162 from class 2 w-space, but one at the end of its life. I'll leave that alone and instead explore through the healthy C2 K162 in the low-sec system behind me.

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  2. I noticed that you listed 1 static is this pre hyperion?

    By aanilye on Sep 18, 2014

  3. It is. Hyperion hits Tiger Ears next week.

    By pjharvey on Sep 18, 2014

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