Sloshing ink around the Saltspray Rig Splat Zones

27th February 2016 – 5.22 pm

After a couple of poor games with the .52 Gal, I swap weapons again. This lets me keep the battles fresh by mixing up my tactics, and gives me an excuse to exit the lobby with my current squidmates.

The Tri-slosher works well in Tower Control, and it should work well in Splat Zones. I opt for the Tri-slosher Nouveau for Splat Zones, though, as the Echo Locator is probably quite useful. If you can find the other team's inklings, you can splat the other team's inklings. The less inklings available for the other team, the less ink they can spread around the Splat Zones.

The best place to use the Tri-slosher would be from above, so I start by going along the side route. And then jump down immediately, because the bucket has a really short range. Not a problem, though, as I can be quite mobile with the weapon, and its indiscriminate splashing without a need to aim really helps to get the splats.

As we lose the lead, I sneak right around the map and get a cheeky splat, as one inkling jumps right in to my path, and a good splat by flanking behind another inkling. A third splat is denied me by a squidmate who gets there first, but that's fine by me. We take back the Splat Zones.

The Tri-slosher certainly seems to be effective in Splat Zones, but maybe the victory has as much to do with teams being swapped as it has with my weapon being swapped.

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