Piranha Pit Splat Zones with a Tri-slosher Nouveau

28th February 2016 – 5.09 pm

I stick with the Tri-slosher Nouveau for another Splat Zones battle, this time on Piranha Pit.

We're up against all shooters, which could be dangerous. Or maybe their lack of variety will play against them. As is usual when I have a bucket in my suction cups, I get slosh-happy and run out of ink. This is when I'm glad that my Special charges. The Echolocater is great for not wasting ink on empty patches of the other colour, but also refills your ink tank. Keep sloshing!

The conveyer belts once again prove to be a neat feature of the map. At least, for my bucket they do. Standing still and riding the conveyer belt whilst sloshing buckets of ink over the side on to the Splat Zone is really handy.

What isn't handy is getting confused by the incoming Killer Wail, and instead of just staying where I am and being safe, I move to get out of its way by actually getting in to its way, and getting splatted for my troubles. I do this far too often.

I get a lot of splats, which is fairly standard for the Tri-slosher, get myself in to an equal amount of trouble, also standard for the Tri-slosher, and we end up keeping control of the Splat Zones relatively comfortably.

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