Losing a squid in the Rich or Fit Splatfest

4th March 2016 – 5.25 pm

One of our squids disconnects early in the battle. This puts us at something of a disadvantage. Or gives us a challenge. Either way, we're not quite strong enough to overcome the odds.

My shoddy start to the battle doesn't help. Aiming that the wrong place, running out of ink, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when I respawn, that inkling disappearing in orange mist is us losing him. Poor inkling.

When you're down an inkling, the power difference is really evident. In this situation, it is always best to forget about fully covering your opponents' ink and concentrate instead on gross coverage. Get your ink spread over as wide a coverage of turf as possible and move on.

We lose, which is almost inevitable, but I get a fair score out of the battle. 965p without the extra 300p for winning is good, even if my score is obviously helped by having so much opponent ink to cover over in the first place.

New battle. I don't use the Tri-slosher for Turf War really. I like it a lot for Tower Control, and maybe Splat Zones, but I think other weapons work better for inking lots of turf quickly. But I am happy to give it a go, shaking up the Splatfest a bit.

I'm using the Nouveau version for the Echolocator special. The Tri-slosher certainly is a thirsty weapon. I perhaps don't notice this so much in the ranked battles that I play, because I'm not trying to ocver as much turf as possible, but I really need to keep squidding to refill my tank.

It turns out that the Tri-slosher can work quite well, although its short range could be frustrating. This is obviously quite noticeable against a team of shooters.

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