Taking back Tower Control

21st May 2016 – 5.45 pm

Enjoying a new-found winning streak in A+ Tower Control, I stick with the Dual Squelcher. The side route is best for my range again, but for some reason I don't ink the other squid enough to splat him, and move on to the tower. What a silly mistake.

Whilst a couple of us muck around with a couple of them also mucking around, control of the tower gets wrested out of their control by our squidmates. I then take a flanking route to catch the opposition from behind, and it works nicely.

Encore: Riding the tower in Piranha Pit Tower Control

Everyone goes one way, and when I change my mind an inkling decides to do the same. It's all a bit hectic at the start of this battle, and I'm not entirely sure that I survive that blaster strike. Definitely not the Inkbrush one, though.

A couple of speculative rides of the tower gets us a small lead and me a few splats, but once we push it forwards, there's no going back. I stick to my Dual Squelcher's range, refill my ink activating the special, and just enjoy the ride.

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