Too ruthless Splatfest Ninja

3rd June 2016 – 5.09 pm

That inkling with the Splash Wall is ruthless. I don't think I agree with his methods, however effective they are, but I also think the other side could have got out of their base more easily than they made it look.

I leave him to it for the most part, opting to ink turf instead, which also lets me catch the occasional escapee, and whoever super-jumps to them.

And then I go back to inflict more pain. That's not nice of me. It's a convincing win in the end, but I deserved that rolling for my part in the battle.

Lag can eat itself in Splatfest Ninja

I suppose I should have left those Dynamo Rollers alone, particularly after my Bubbler expired. But I'm not always that smart.

What's more annoying is the apparent lag when engaging other inklings. Just how many hits are needed to splat them?!

I can only think its lag, and not full defensive gear, but there are no other apparent signs, like ink not appearing. Either way, a score of 1253p without the bonus is pretty good, but not good enough to win.

Hit and miss in Splatfest Ninja

Sometimes I hit, sometimes I miss. In this Splatfest battle on Ancho-V Games, I hit fairly often, but my misses are quite embarrassing. Not hitting a stationary target, twice, is pretty poor.

Dropping down when activating my Splat Bomb Rush was poorly timed, but the double tap to one of the inklings was fun, as was the mutual splatting with the Inkzooka (although it looks like I didn't get the splat for that one).

A fun battle overall!

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