Can't aim for toffee in Splatfest Ninja

6th June 2016 – 5.32 pm

Another flirtation with the Splash-o-Matic, and I switch back to the Splatterscope. It's weird but nice how comfortable I am with the charger these days. Comfortable, but not exactly competent. All those missed shots early on, and at close range! And against Barbarians for a change! This is a battle we ought to win.

At least I get my aim together after a while, and make some good shots. I also cover a decent amount of turf. And, thankfully, I manage to avoid a last-second Kraken splat.

Who charges the chargers in Splatfest Ninja

Chargers! Chargers everywhere! And it's only Turf War. Who's the better charger? Hint: it's probably not me, at least, not judging by the start I make.

I get a bit better later, getting some revenge on the other chargers. But it's Ninja vs Ninja again, so this is a friendly battle. Probably.

Mobile charging in Splatfest Ninja

Time to go mobile!

Okay, so I fall off the ledge, but it is good motivation not to stick to a perch. We have turf to ink!

Staying away from the Inkzooka is a good idea. And avoiding that Killer Wail, whilst splatting its owner with a Splat Bomb would have been better, had I not strayed back in to it a little.

You've got to thank people who have your back too. But sometimes you get the Roller, and other times the Roller gets you.

A fun little battle, even if it was Ninja vs Ninja yet again. It gets me to Ninja Champion, at least.

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