Turning turf pink as a Splatfest Ninja

7th June 2016 – 5.47 pm

Do I really need almost a minute to get my aim in at the start of battles? At least I can hit the ground, which is what's needed for Turf War.

Once I've hit the ground enough times, it seems I am warmed up, and inklings become fair game.

And I gave that one inkling the impression I was rubbish so he'd set up the Killer Wail and I could splat him more easily.

The next time that happened, he was just out of range. But my Splatterscope is not the only weapon in my armoury.

Barbarians spotted in Splatfest Ninja

Barbarians! What do we do, lads? This is probably a game we should win, so picking precisely the wrong time to drop down from my perch was unfortunate. But let's keep it mobile.

Strike from the ink! Don't let them see us coming. Or hide in their corner of the map, inking the turf. And hide in the ink, don't get splatted by a Roller coming straight for you.

Rollers roll in Splatfest Ninja

We're up against three Rollers. Slow, easy-to-hit targets. This should be a piece of cake, right inklings?

It would be, if we had a charger who could aim under pressure, or didn't fall off ledges, or had some situational awareness at all.

It's good that I have Splat Bombs to artificially boost my splats, or I'd look a bit silly.

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