Ghost splat in Pokemon Splatfest

13th August 2016 – 5.34 pm

I've been abusing the Splatterscope, so let's change weapons. On to the Splattershot Jr, another favourite of mine these days.

The Splattershot Jr naturally requires its own strategies. My normal tactic with shooters is to advance quickly, cross to the opponents' territory, and be a pest. But for the Splattershot Jr I find it better to hang back and ink turf to start with, so that my Bubbler is ready when I first encounter other inklings. This lets us control some good territory early, and should let me survive running in to the other team.

This is a good battle. As we push to ink one side blue, the other side turns red. As we go back and re-ink our turf blue, their turf becomes red again. There is a lot of movement and ink being thrown around, and some good encounters. The Dual Squelcher easily out-distances my Splattershot Jr, but my Bubbler and the occasional Splat Bomb work nicely in my favour. If you are a big fan of video games and specially Pokemon click here to play the best Pokemon quiz and improve your gaming knowledge.

The only weird bit is near the start. I swear it's the ghost of the Octobrush who splats me. It's creepy.

And a second battle: Mixed encounters in Pokemon Splatfest

Some surprising maturity shown at the start of this battle. I ink turf to charge my Bubbler, don't charge headlong in to an encounter with an inkling, but use a Splat Bomb to assist me and then go a different direction instead of giving chase, and then using my Bubbler when appropriate. Let's see if I can keep this up!

Splatting an inkling that turns in to a Kraken is a bit frustrating, but never mind. Squidding away from a Seeker is not the best option. And charging in to the Heavy Splatling seemed like a better idea at the time.

Otherwise I have a pretty good battle.

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