Inking and inklings in Spongebob Splatfest (1289p, 3-2, Wasabi Splattershot)

4th November 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm enjoying the Wasabi Splattershot. It's nice to add a new weapon to my choices. I also like Piranha Pit. Having that section off to the side, down the coveyer belt, is very handy for charging your Special, more so if the Special is an Inkstrike that requires no sight of other inklings to use effectively.

I get a couple of Inkstrikes off before I get myself in to any real trouble. And I only get in to toruble because I look for it, and that's because our team is doing quite well at keeping the turf pink. Good job, team.

There is more turf to be inked, though, so I cover that first, making sure we're not going to lose from not filling in the gaps. But when I splat the Roller, survive against the Slosher, and see another Roller head down to our lower-level, I get the pink mist come down. I have to give chase. It ends as you would expect.

My moment of recklessness doesn't compromise my team. In fact, stopping that Roller probably helped us not lose a chunk of ink. Either way, it's a decent victory for us, and a good result for me. Woomy!

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