Keeping my beak clean in Splat Zones [9(1)-0, Splattershot Jr]

29th December 2017 – 7.00 pm

I try to stay out of trouble whilst making some trouble, which isn't that easy. But flirting with the Splat Zones without pushing too aggressively seems like a good strategy at the start of a battle, and works for me this time. When the ink settles, we steal the Splat Zones from the green team and start our score ticking over.

Sneaking around the side and up to the green team's perch bags me an assist by raining ink from above, and I choose the right moment to drop down, splatting one inkling as a Special starts, and being behind a Baller after it explodes. I help clear up some green mess, then work behind the Splat Zones to keep our access smooth and simple.

I head around the side in the other direction, avoiding the grating just to be different, and end up interrupting a Curling Bomb Launcher with a single Splat Bomb. That's being efficient. All those Curling Bombs stop our counter briefly, but we get it going again before too long.

I just about avoid another Baller, and retreat quickly as more green inklings rush the Splat Zones, but don't go too far away. I ink the edges and throw Splat Bombs, helping push back the green team. And when they try to super-jump their way back, I stop that too. We remain in a pretty commanding position.

Checking the side doesn't see any inklings approaching our flank, and I see no need to endanger myself by going that way when we're holding the turf well enough already. And the battle finishes without any more drama, our counter hitting zero just as the green team make their final push. Woomy!

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