Worth it for the end in Rainmaker [7(3)-5, Splattershot Jr]

31st December 2017 – 7.00 pm

Holy crap, my aim is bad. The Rainmaker is under my nose, but it still takes me two minutes to splat him. I really need to work on this, but it seems like practice just isn't enough. So it goes, at least I still have fun being bad. And I'm not stacking Quick Respawn, so I have that going for me.

The best I can do on my return is stall the purple team a bit, but that's not a bad result, particularly considering my next outing, where I fail to spot an uninkable patch of wall quickly enough. How embarrassing. But lesson learnt! My squidmates are doing better, which isn't saying much, but they have pushed the Rainmaker in to the lead. Nice! I drop in to mid-distance support to try to be helpful.

I start being a little helpful, but that goes awry when I try to hit the purple team's flank. They push when I move around, and when I try to chase I hit a stage light, then bounce a Splat Bomb off of it. The purple team re-take the lead, and I feel a bit useless. Victory doesn't look promising from here, but I take point and ink a path to the podium, if only to remind myself of one definite route.

We get the Rainmaker away from our podium, and hold the purple team close to their side of the stage. I hit the flank and seem to go unnoticed, and as the Rainmaker is burst with no inklings to be seen, I sneakily grab it and make a run. One blast gives me a nice path, and I nearly make the jump up the ramp to steal the lead. It's not quite redemption, but I'm feeling better about my contribution.

The purple team get the Rainmaker back to the stage, and I lob a Splat Bomb under its explosion in case of a swift pick-up. But no one grabs the Rainmaker, so again I decide to see what I can do with it. This time, the first path I reconnoitred is available. I hit a small purple patch, but just about get clear. And with purple ink tickling my heels, I make a dash up the block.

My squidmates do a bang-up job of splatting the purple inklings and keeping them occupied, Only one chases me, but I have a good head start. One blast from the Rainmaker inks my path, and a squid and a jump later I dunk the Rainmaker. Woomy!

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