Stealing the dunk in Rainmaker [15(7)-4, Splattershot Jr]

1st January 2018 – 7.00 am

I do some general inking to start the battle, making it easier for us to move around and try to end up in a beneficial position for whatever happens with the Rainmaker. The teal team grab it, and I accidentally squid through a grating, but it mostly works out. We have some nice turf inked, and we hold the teal team to a minor early lead.

Those two assists that look to be nothing to do with me are because of the Ink Armour, so I have learnt. I'm pretty sure I deserve them anyway. And those splats by my squidmates open up the opportunity for my moving the Rainmaker, and I aim for the short-cut. So do the teal team, and I don't quite wait for the Splashdown to clear the path.

Our position looks strong, and there's a Beakon that looks good to me. I super-jump there, and retreat from an Inkjet by hitting the flank, which drops me on the teal Rainmaker trying to advance. That'll do. I make another dash up the side, but am stopped again, my Rainmaker blasts not quite accurate or quick enough. So it goes.

I am perhaps a little cautious approaching the Rainmaker from below, but only because I've been splatted by the shield exploding so many times. I nearly manage to jink to the side, but get bounced back down, so settle with letting the teal team grab the Rainmaker and splatting it again. I try to forge a path ahead, but am really pushing my luck.

A super-jump back to support the next push is partially successful, in that I get a triple-splat, but am splatted in the process. I try to rush back to join in the celebrations, but the Rainmaker is lost just short of the podium. I try to keep the ink flowing, but I soon realise I don't actually know where the Rainmaker is.

I drop down to get my bearings and find the Rainmaker, and with the entire teal team splatted away, rush to burst the Rainmaker free. It's perhaps a little selfish, but I aim to squid through the shield's explosion as quickly as possible and nab the Rainmaker to get the dunk, and it works! Woomy!

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