Keeping a green ship in Invisibility Splatfest [2105p, 11(5)-1, Splattershot Jr]

9th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Keeping the high ground seems like a good idea on the Manta Maria, at least to start with. It's also a bit tricky to do that and advance, as going around the mast without dropping down gets you away from recovering ink, being on a grating. You can be sneaky and shinny up the mast for a bit, but it's all about making a claim on the turf early on.

All goes well as I stay above the deck, and only when I drop down do things get a bit hairy. It's not helped by running out of ink, but I spy a safe port and head towards a squidmate, where I regain my composure. My squidmate is splatted away, and I notice in time where the attacker is coming from, even if my escape manoeuvres take me towards another inkling.

That inkling runs from me, looking to hit us high, but I still have one on my tail. I drop a measured Splat Bomb to help with that, and turn back to make things green again. I stick to the middle of the ship, holding our turf, and pounce on an inkling when my Ink Armour protects me. I need it, as the Armour is shed and I am nearly a goner when one last shot splats my target.

The blue team start to come back with a minute to go, and I dance around the mast with a squidmate as neither of us quite knows where one of the Flight team went. Further back, it seems, to pull out a Curling Bomb Launcher. We weather that, before I give chase to an inkling neatly running to get behind us.

I am chased as I chase, but another well-timed Splat Bomb splats me chaser, as I catch my prey. But I catch him mid-Curling Bomb Rush, and there is exploding ink all around me. At least I get my splat too. With half a minute to go, we still hold the central turf and most of the blue team are splatted, letting us tidy up the blue mess near our base on our way back to the mast.

Another Curling Bomb Rush, in the dying seconds, could pose us problems, and my Splat Bomb doesn't stop it. I decide my best option is just to cover up the blue explosions as best I can and hope it will be enough. It is. Another victory!

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