The Wrathful Magnet Magnetson

30th May 2008 – 7.19 am

I'm not sure if my new notoriety change affects the amount of experience I gain, but I went from threat level 13 to 15 pretty quickly. I gained the power of flight as well as the title 'The Wrathful Magnet Magnetson'. Flying is great, as it allows me to bypass any mobs loitering on the streets when I am on a mission or heading to a specific building, like the University for example. With my invention salvage inventory full, as well as my stored invention salvage, and a few recipes stashed in my backpack I was keen to invent a few upgrades, which requires the University's machines. Now that I could fly there, and not have to run past and aggro every single mob on the way, I had the opportunity to create my inventions.

In some accidental twist of common sense, the salvage storage facility is opposite the University, making the process of working out what I have and what I need rather more straightforward. It wasn't too long before I had created two or three helpful enhancements, and I slotted them in to my robots. Hurrah for plug-n-play!

After this inventing I was ready to run more missions, and I now had room to pick up more salvage. I only had the one contact in Cap Au Diable, Dean John Yu. I found him on my map and, hey, he's in the building behind me. The University, in fact. Ohhh, 'Dean' is his title, not his first name. That makes sense!

I went back inside and had a quick chat with him, and he was happy to show me how the invention system worked, offering a full tutorial. Um, sure, why not? It wasn't totally wasted time, as I defeated a few mobs that were stealing inventory and got a useful damage enhancement out of the tutorial, as well as learning a couple of bits of information.

On leaving, the Janitor wanted a word with me and introduced me to the bulletin board contact. Sadly, he didn't give me a VIC-20 to connect to the board, so no B1FF alter-ego for me. Another thing he mentioned was that now I know about inventions maybe I'd like to know about costumes, and that the tailor is available to make changes to my outfit at any time for a fee, as well as there being missions at certain levels. I didn't have the heart to tell him that Zoso had informed me about the Facemaker's costume alteration service already, but maybe that's because I'm malicious.

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