The new-look Magnet Magnetson

4th June 2008 – 7.51 am

When I created Magnet Magnetson, Mastermind, I rushed through character creation. This was partly because I was keen to get in to the game with my friends, partly because I didn't have much of a style in mind for the character, and partly because one can spend hours tweaking costume settings in the City of Villains character creator. I ended up hitting the 'random' button a couple of dozen times, which produced something I quite liked in general, but was unsurprisingly a bit random.

The chaps from Kiasa, as well as the game after I had progressed a dozen levels or so, pointed me towards the facemaker, who could make costume changes for a fee. Luckily, a free tailoring session was offered to all heroes and villains at the end of last week and yesterday, after upgrading my trial account to the full game, I took advantage of the tailor to get some more appropriate clothing.

My makeover started really well, finding a most suitable helmet that instilled in me a sense of a character controlling robots, and then it all went a bit downhill from there. I was hoping for a metallic or armoured character, human in appearance but possibly an automaton. Unfortunately, all the armoured options didn't really appeal to me. I think this is because the texture maps don't look terribly convincing on the larger-than-normal avatar in the outfit creation screen, particulary when combined with the general colour textures overlaid on them.

It also didn't help that the game crashed when I was half-way through creating the new costume such that I had to start again from scratch after reloading, although the free tailoring session wouldn't be used until I had accepted the changes. The crash may have helped a little though, forcing me to review what I had done and enabled me to find different options and colours. I eventually found a costume that I liked the look of, including the various colour and style options, and even managed to include more of a theme.

Magnet Magnetson in her new outfit, plus robots!

Note the appearance of my third robot, Buttercup.

I have the helmet for a more automaton look, as well as having the aerials for communicating directly with my 'bots. I found some appropriate gloves that could be used for punching in other commands to my robots, and work well when I first summon them. I was also lucky in that the robotic parts of my wardrobe match the colour of my robots, as I only picked it because I liked the colour. Even though I still didn't find an identifiable theme for the character I have a much more coherent outfit and one that I feel more comfortable in. My notoriety as a super-villain can continue now that I have the right costume!

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