Weekend gaming

9th June 2008 – 1.23 pm

I didn't play much in the way of World of Warcraft or City of Villains, but I did play a little of each. I didn't get to play with my usual group in World of Warcraft, because of schedule conflicts, but I popped on with Knifey for a short while. I was finding it difficult to get motivated again, and relieved my frustration this time by deciding to quest in the Outlands instead of sticking to Azeroth. I had visited Outlands briefly before, the first time for Knifey if not for myself, but didn't want to outlevel my friends. For this trip I did a couple of quick quests, to kill orcs and pick up some scrap for people in Honour Hold. For my troubles I received what would have been some significant upgrades in equipment if I hadn't already equipped myself with a few pieces of Outlands gear from the auction house. It highlighted once again the huge difference that standard Outlands equipment offers from anything to be gained from Azeroth, and I look forward to spending more time questing in Outlands again.

Magnet Magnetson was in trouble with Arachnos. I had hooked up with a new contact in Cap Au Diable and was introduced to a Seer who asked me to check some things out for her. And by 'check out' she tended to mean 'infiltrate and kill anyone you see', which wasn't really a problem except I seemed to be killing agents of Arachnos. I may be new at being a supervillain but I had this nagging thought that I had been recruited by Arachnos and that I maybe I should be working for them. This feeling was reinforced for me when I headed to the helicopter line in Cap Au Diable and was spontaneously attacked by Arachnos guards in the base where I should be safe. I wasn't entirely sure if I had taken the right turn back there.

Still, it looked like there was no going back, so I continued to work for the Seer against the Ghost Widow and Wretch, and some other names I forget now. I was getting in quite deep too. One fight in an Arachnos base saw Fluffy fall after taking too much damage, so I resummoned him, then Buttercup experienced a critical failure and had to be called back, and then it was Snowflake's turn! I bet if the other two 'bots jumped off a cliff then Snowflake would too. At least I managed to deflect attention away from me during the fight, and I was able to recall all of my robot friends and, by taking care with them, prevailed. It was only half-way through the fight with the boss that I realised I'd also been ambushed from behind by some minions, which was why the rate of attrition was quite high, and it wasn't just my Malicious status. I also couldn't hang around to gloat in my victory as usual, as more and more minions heard about my defeating the boss and came to avenge him. A few even chased me out of the base and all the way to the trainer where I gained a new level. Erk!

After a couple more missions, heading to even more dangerous if not quite so overwhelming places, the truth was revealed. A conspiracy was unearthed, one that exonerated myself and the Seer I was working for of all charges against Arachnos. I had completed a small story arc, and was rewarded a little more than usual, which was quite pleasing. I would hope this means I can wander around Arachnos bases again without fear of being attacked, although I haven't tested this yet. I also gained a badge or two during my questing, one for visiting the Ghost Widow's tower and one for acting as shark bait after landing on an interesting looking island during my travels.

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