Rag and bone spacemen

12th May 2009 – 5.40 pm

I may have spent forty million ISK on the research project management skill training book recently but I also made back thirty eight million ISK from the market. When I log in I find that I sold a batch of cruise missiles and two batches of heavy missiles, along with a good selection of modules. Whilst I was watching plenty of science fiction at a film festival it seems that New Eden was alive with capsuleers replacing or upgrading ships.

It is good to see so many of my modules selling well. I may have produced a couple of lines that have failed to make much of a profit but overall the modules I am making have been good choices. Of course, with so many sales made over the week my stocks are significantly depleted, I can't remember the last time I had so few open sell orders. Some of the orders have lapsed and I will need to track down the unsold modules dumped in to station hangars and either relist them, in the same station or finding a more profitable outlet, or regrettably melt them down in to constituent minerals and manufacture something that sells.

As it happens, my week of strong sales coincides quite nicely with finishing training in refinery efficiency V. Combined with my previous training in metallurgy V I can now train in scrapmetal processing, which reduces the waste involved when refining modules and ships in to their base minerals. It has been almost a month since I aimed to train this so naturally I shall spend a little while training in the skill, with 5% decrease of waste per level, and then put this training to good use.

I have quite a bit of loot stockpiled at my old Caldari Navy mission base and, having moved region to work with a level three Core Complexion, Inc. agent, I also see that I have a fair few modules waiting to be melted down at what I tentatively made my home base about six months ago. It is possible that some of the looted modules will sell on the market for a good price but others won't and now that I am manufacturing my own items for sale each available open order has become more valuable. Rather than have a dozen open orders for a dozen different single items it is far more profitable to have each order hold a hundred or more units for sale.

I'm not entirely sure what quantities of minerals I will be able to extract from the modules, and I am almost certain I will need to get hold of a huge pile of extra tritanium for missile production, but whatever I am able to refine will cost me nothing in ISK values. Even with the minerals being available effectively for free I know the value of labour in New Eden and will still take in to account the mineral costs in production. The difference will be that my wallet will not see a sharp drop before a steady increase, reflecting the market purchase of minerals and subsequent sales, only the steady increase.

It is going to take a little bit of time to replenish my stocks, mostly spent hauling minerals between bases and modules to markets, but this next batch will be entirely profit. I may even finally break the one hundred million ISK mark, although I suspect I'll want to grab another expensive skill book soon to boost my production capabilities. At least I will feel like I can afford it easily.

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