Filesystem Checkwits in Shadowfang Keep

20th October 2009 – 5.38 pm

Worgen and wolves, wolves and worgen. There is so much potential leather in Shadowfang Keep that a tan mist falls over Vulzerda's eyes. Indeed, after the first couple of rooms are cleared of worgen and wolves, wolves and worgen, Vulzerda uses her hearthstone to return to Stormwind and increase her training in the skinning skill. Summoned back, thanks to the warlock's new spell, Vulzerda continues skinning everything in her path that isn't standing up. Needless to say, this makes resting to regain mana a somewhat risky endeavour. Chain-pulling mobs works well, keeping ourselves busy and Vulzerda behind us skinning. When we finally need to rest we offer a ghostly corpse for her to skin, hoping that the incorporeal body will confuse her long enough for us to drink and move on.

Sadly, the ghost provides no distraction for Vulzerda, who grabs the warlock's imp to skin instead. But Livya can always summon another imp! Writing of which, Livya's flirtations with personal responsibility continue from the Deadmines jaunt. After showing some regret over corrupting poor Colin Woodcarver, her mind goes even more loopy when she bumps in to Tormented Oliver in Shadowfang Keep. The humanity tugs at the remnants of her emo soul, trying to reconcile acts of terrible violence against innocents. Of course, we could tell her that they were, in fact, a goblin woodcarver and tormented officer, but there's no fun in that.

The needlessly tedious weapon skill system taunts me yet again. I equip a neat one-handed mace looted from Baron Silverlaine only to find that my 'skill in maces has increased to 14' the first time I use it, so far away from my maximum skill of 110. And realising that a shield is useless against spell-caster Arugal, I switch to a newly acquired and powerful two-handed axe only to find that I haven't wielded that class of weapon before. With no weapon skill I won't hit my target, upsetting my plan to swap the useless extra armour for maximum damage. But the important factor in the final fight is water breathing.

Although water breathing is missing in the first, failed attempt, we are fully buffed for the second assault on Arugal's chamber. 'No, arch mage, we don't think that's air we're breathing', the new realisation allowing us to defeat our opponent with ease. All that's left to do to finish the evening is return to Stormwind and sit a space goat's elephant mount in the middle of some RPers having a picnic. Thus ends another successful Filesystem Checkwits adventure.

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