Routing Razorfen Kraul

27th November 2009 – 5.50 pm

Coming out from overpowering Wailing Caverns, the Filesystem Checkwits spot some allies. From brief stints as spies in Horde territory, I understand the riders we encounter to be quite a frustration. Maybe they don't ambush unsuspecting characters quite as effectively as the devilsaurs in Un'Goro Crater, but the elite riders come in greater numbers. Not only that, but whilst successfully overcoming the riders may reward the victor with a quest, it is a quest that needs to be completed several levels before anyone is equipped to take on the riders in a fair fight in the first place.

Essentially, the riders are a pest, giving us no option but to join them, casually patrolling the southern Barrens for unsuspecting Horde characters. Vulzerda is a little held up in Wailing Caverns, but manages to catch up quickly enough thanks to her amazing elekk hovercraft. I'm not sure why she wants to swap it for an ordinary ground cat.

Heading further south gives us the opportunity to continue the low-level Horde dungeon achievement night, with the Glorious Oktober Revolution People's Routing of the Razorfen Kraul Quillboar. With only a little time in which to accomplish a majestic victory, we decide that the best strategy is to defeat the leader and let morale take care of the rest. But my plan to run directly to the leader before pausing to shake off the hundred or so minions that are bound to follow is scuppered as soon as we enter Razorfen Kraul. It appears that we aren't quite as overpowering as we were in Wailing Caverns, the quillboar even offering us experience points. It's time to equip a shield and be rather more careful.

The overall strategy of bypassing as many mobs as we can is sound, though. We head in as direct a path as possible towards the deepest area of the instance, ignoring superfluous pigs and wannabe mini-bosses, pausing only for the occasional node of iron. The final boss of Razorfen Kraul waits for us. As we charge in to combat, our shaman feels bitterly mocked, the boss casting chain lightning on all of us. Vulzerda had tried the same trick on the mobs of Wailing Caverns, only managing to hit one at a time, the others collapsing before our mighty attacks of overpowering levels. We have the last laugh, though, defeating the boss quickly. Sadly, the laughing stops when we accidentally pick up a quest on the way out of the instance to find a pendant stolen by a quillboar. I am not entirely convinced there are enough quillboars left alive to search for the pendant. But there is another way.

A quick reset of the instance and a few mob kills upon re-entering, and the pendant is found on one of the quillboars. The quest grants a reputation gain from Darnassus when handed in, back in the elven capital, which should help Vulzerda towards getting her big cat. But it doesn't help to log out before handing the pendant in, as goblins or someone steal it out of your backpack whilst you're sleeping. Little gits. Ah well, I'm off to Desolace to see Brother Anton about some skeletons.

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