Minor profit from gravimetric site Sleepers

8th April 2010 – 5.28 pm

I turn up to find a couple of corporation Rifters duelling. It's all fun and games until someone loses a frigate, and one pilot inevitably isn't able to switch off his guns in time. Oh well, it's another notch on our new kill-board, and in both the kills and losses columns too. I think someone is trying to inflate his numbers. But at least he stops before podding our scan man, which lets us go out exploring today's neighbouring systems.

After visitors clear our system of Sleeper activity yesterday it is rewarding to find an unoccupied system next door that is full of anomalies and sites. All we need now are more people so that we can form a suitable fleet. We also had better explore further, to avoid any surprises. The next system across is also unoccupied and, although it has a mere three signatures, full of anomalies. One signature in here is the wormhole back, I scan a signature that turns out to be a radar site, and scan man finds the static wormhole that leads in to a class 5 w-space system. He jumps through and continues to explore as I resolve the radar site enough to bookmark for reference.

I eventually catch up with our expert scanner, who is now another system across from the unoccupied class 5 and in to a class 2 system that holds two towers. I follow, diligently bookmarking both sides of each wormhole for a change, hopefully learning my lesson after being stranded in my pod for a while. There are a few more wormholes found, one leading out to high-sec space, and we return to our tower content that we have surveyed enough. Our neighbouring system is fairly well isolated from activity and we should be safe clearing sites there. In the meantime, I pilot my Crane out to high-sec to pick up a few bits and pieces from the market, whilst scan man mines gas. He rather fancies a couple of ECCM modules in order to make his gas miner undetectable to probes.

On my way back from empire space I pick up some of the gas he's mined in our neighbouring system, then swap in to a Drake to shoot the minor Sleeper presence found in the ladar and gravimetric sites. There is no problem for us in activating the mining sites without stripping them of ore, because the wormhole connecting our system to this one is unlikely to exist tomorrow, letting us ignore the despawn timer in this case, and at least the Sleepers can be looted and salvaged. Although not expecting much, the salvage from the Sleeper frigates turns out to be adequate, and piloting my Drake again is fun.

Some more engineers turn up a bit later, enabling us to form a small fleet to tackle the Sleepers in the adjacent system's anomalies. We keep a vigilant watch of the directional scanner but are not disturbed, and are able to complete three anomalies in the short time we have available. The profit for the night may not be significant but is enough to push my wallet over the two billion ISK mark, which is pretty decent. I should start making plans on how to spend it, although hopefully not on replacement ships.

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