Drones and a bubble should fool no one

17th August 2010 – 5.05 pm

The home system is deserted, my Buzzard holding the only living presence. Some early scanning is in order, hoping to find other early birds. Of course, I will only find birds if the ships are of Caldari origin, which is why metaphors shouldn't be taken literally. I resolve our new static wormhole and jump through to the neighbouring class 4 system. W-space connected me to this system about four months ago, my notes reminding me of the hapless Buzzard pilot popped and podded by me and the absent Fin. I wonder what he is doing now and if he is still in w-space, particularly as we catch the capsuleer a second time a month later, also in a Buzzard. But enough reminiscing, I am hoping to find new targets. I launch probes and start scanning, the directional scanner revealing no signs of life.

Most signatures here can be found in the inner system, but I still find rocks, rocks, rocks, and a radar site before finally resolving a wormhole. It is the system's static connection, leading to another class 4 system I've visited before. I was last here about five months ago but only have a note of there being occupants, not where the tower is anchored. It looks like I only passed through last time and didn't care to stop to look for other capsuleers. My first task is to find the tower here, which I do, ignoring the five mining drones on d-scan for now as there is no ship to accompany them. I soon locate the tower, along with an unpiloted Magnate frigate inside its shields, which only leaves the mining drones and a warp bubble elsewhere in the system according to d-scan. It looks like a clumsy trap to me. I launch probes and start scanning.

With a handful of signatures to check I feel I do quite well to find a wormhole after resolving only the one gas mining ladar site. As I am looking for activity and there is none in this system I jump through the connection, ejected in to yet another class 4 w-space system. Only an abandoned tower is seen on d-scan, keeping a bunch of anomalies and few signatures company. I have to scan through all of the signatures again to resolve the system's static wormhole, this one leading to a class 5 system. Jumping through I am spat out over eight kilometres from the wormhole! Appearing so far away from the wormhole makes for easy cloaking but would require quite a rush to flee the way I came if I had to. Luckily there is no one around, even with four towers in this system. The only ship I see is a Mastodon hauler named Bait.

Four signatures are in this C5, and judging by their signal strengths I suspect the weakest of them will be the next wormhole on my route. And I am right, finding a connection to a class 3 system. The C3 is occupied and has some ships on d-scan, but they are all seen inside the towers of the occupants and are unpiloted. Scanning for wormholes only finds a connection to a C4 that is reaching the end of its natural lifetime. And so I reach the end of my exploration for the time being. All is quiet, although there may be opportunities for activity later. I head back home, copying the bookmarks I have made in to our shared can when I get there. I flick the switches on my control panel and take a break, hoping that capsuleers will come out to play later.

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