Abandoned Talocan battleships in class 5 w-space

10th November 2010 – 5.02 pm

It looks like another fleet is forming to engage Sleepers. I join the fleet, despite yesterday's experience, and seeing that we will be flying armour-tanked ships today I get my Damnation out of the hangar. I have faith in the command ship's presence in the field, the warfare links aiding the whole fleet, and don't quite feel like being burdened with flying a Guardian logistics ships today. I am still uncertain about my place in our class 5 w-space home and if I want to quit the fleet I don't want to have everyone else explode because of it.

My choice of ship works out fine. Two capsuleers volunteer to pilot the Guardians, joining my Damnation, two Scorpion ECM battleship pilots, and a bunch of DPS battleships. We have eleven pilots in the fleet and are preparing to attempt the corporation's first class 5 magnetometric site. I refit my Damnation to include analysers, to recover the relics from Sleeper artefacts, and fit the passive defence and rapir repair armoured warfare links. The first boosts the defences of the whole fleet, the second decreases the cycle time of repair modules. The Guardian pilots don't seem to struggle for capacitor juice and the more rapid repairs could be just what we need.

I'm ready, and this time I'm right to be ready. The fleet warps to the magnetometric site where the first wave of Sleepers awaits, as does an abandoned Talocan battleship! The big brother of the deserted Talocan cruiser looks like quite the reward already, although we probably have to survive the site before we can recover its hull. The first two waves of Sleepers pose no problems, leaving us floating with just the artefacts and a bunch of wrecks. I start to analyse the Sleeper artefacts, getting three successes in a row before a failure calls in the third and then fourth waves of Sleepers, the final wave including five battleships to deal with.

We repair through all the incoming damage, the Scorpions' ECM frustrating Sleeper systems, and I keep analysing. The quality of loot is much better in this class 5 system than in a C4, recovering the first intact Sleeper systems for the corporation. On top of that, when the final wave of Sleepers is defeated we call in a ship to salvage the abandoned Talocan battleship and get an intact hull. This is quite a haul already, and we have a second magnetometric site in our system. I have to return to the tower to dump all the loot from my stuffed Damnation's belly, which also stops the loot from getting destroyed if the second site goes badly. But it doesn't.

The second magnetometric site in our home class 5 w-space system seems a little easier than the first. There are no Sleeper battleships in the first two waves, four of them turning up only on the third wave. I begin analysing at that point, as it looks like any failures won't spawn more reinforcements. Four more Sleeper battleships arrive in the fourth wave, and although they take exception to my interest in their artefacts I am apparently an 'easy rep'. I think it's a compliment, either for me or my hardened Damnation, but it sounds rather insalubrious to my ears.

All the Sleepers are dead, Dave, and analysing the artefacts is complete. It's time to salvage. We even have a second abandoned Talocan battleship to investigate, getting a second intact hull section. Class 5 systems certainly have riches to be plundered. I help out with salvaging, taking my Cormorant destroyer out for her maiden voyage in the C5, having a good time working my way between the wrecks. All the loot is taken back to the tower, evaluated, and a payout made. Everyone gets a decent ninety million ISK share from the two sites. I am happy to have contributed and flown my Damnation, and making some ISK for the first time in three weeks helps me feel positive again.

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  2. Ooo, glad things finally went well for you! Your last few posts had made your move sound more frustrating than anything.

    And yes, Damnations are very "easy reps"!

    By Arrhidaeus on Nov 10, 2010

  3. Good to see you enjoying w-space once again and making iskies, was wondering is the Talocan battleship a flyable ship as i am unable to find any stats for it?

    By Mardios on Nov 10, 2010

  4. Thanks, it certainly was a fun evening.

    The Talocan ships are salvageable containers, Mardios. When salvaged, instead of the normal fried circuit boards, they result in hull sections that are used as part of the manufacturing process of Tech III strategic cruisers.

    There are several tiers of recovered hulls, too. Lower-class w-space generally results in wrecked components, then you get malfunctioning components, but the most dangerous w-space sites can give intact hull sections. The higher the tier, the more the hulls can be used in manufacturing and the more they are worth, hence the satisfaction of seeing our first intact hulls in a C5 site.

    By pjharvey on Nov 10, 2010

  5. Ooooh I'm so jealous of you guys lol. But glad to hear that our corp is finally coming to life in the Class 5. It may have been some growing pains, but it looks like it might have a chance of working out after all :)

    Good Job today Penny :)


    By Drake Malthon on Nov 10, 2010

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