Difficult first game as a Splatfest Ninja

2nd June 2016 – 5.15 pm

Another Splatfest! Let's blast through the battles. To ease myself in to the Ninja vs Barbarian Splatfest, I take my old favourite in to battle, the Splash-o-Matic.

I adopt my old techniques too. Half sneaking around the side routes, half running headlong in to trouble. I do try to be a ninja sometimes, and at least use my full arsenall to my benefit.

For a first game in the evening, I do okay. I should improve, though, and I will probably change to different weapons just to mix things up.

Slaughtered as a Splatfest Ninja

Another battle with the Splash-o-Matic saw Ninja battle Ninja, and a squid party in my team ensure the other side win. I just want to get some sea snails. Never mind. As I quit that team, I take the opportunity to change weapon. Now to try the Splatterscope for a bit. Have you ever tried out any gambling game? This website has the best.

I would say my aim is rusty, but it's probably always like this. I miss my first two shots, which are pretty easy, and fluke the third, when I can't even see the squid. But a splat is a splat.

I try to stay mobile rather than plant myself on a perch, which is encouraged by my Splat Bomb Rushes, and then helped by the extra turf we gain.

I'm not always on top of the situation, but I think I put a good show on, and cover plenty of turf for a charger. It just ultimately isn't enough.

Winning a pointless Splatfest Ninja

Changing my weapon again, I'm opting for the Splattershot Jr, with its handy Bubbler. It may be better if it had a defence against lag, though. It's pretty vicious at the start of the battle.

The connection sets itself soon enough, and I get down to inking turf and splatting opponents. As intended, the Bubbler comes in to its own, saving me from an Inkzooka blast and a Splatling, which is very welcome.

If only this weren't Ninja vs Ninja, I might be happier with the result.

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