Keeping my head in Splat Zones (10-6, Tri-slosher)

12th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Everyone's rushing forwards to start the battle. I like this! We zip through our Splat Zone and head down the side, where two blue inklings are coming. I go in beak first, and end up splatted, but I take one inkling with me. The second is splatted by a squidmate, and they get to move around the back of the blue team. Nice! I come back to ink our flank, and find out which blue inkling is probably waiting for me. It looks like the Jet Squelcher, and quite how my bucket gets the upper hand is a surprise, but it it gives us control of one Splat Zone.

As our Roller has inked a path, I feel confident in squidding down it without feeling too vulnerable. Nothing seems to be happening, though, so I think about going behind their wall, when ink rains from above and I'm splatted back to base. So it goes. I super-jump back to briefly yellow Splat Zones, the other turning blue thanks to the Jet Squelcher that can easily reach across the gap. We play with each other for a bit, my Disruptors being ineffective thanks to poor throws, before the Jet Squelcher, who has the advantage in actually being able to hit me, wins.

Super-jumping back is almost a mistake, almost compounded by nearly jumping in to the water, but I recover, making it across the bridge, and get in to a good position. Well, good-ish. I get in-between three or four inklings, where I manage just one splat before I am splatted myself. I think maybe I should have got the Splattershot too, but it wouldn't have mattered, not with a Kraken right behind me too.

The Splat Zones are blue, the blue team are encroaching on our turf, and I super-jump to the wrong inkling. It's all going swimmingly! Trying to approach the Jet Squelcher head-on is a mistake, obviously, but I was too far forwards to get away cleanly, and my splatting was inevitable. But we need to do something about her. Ignoring her is an option for now, as we have squidmates on the other side of the gap, and I super-jump to join them. I use the position to get closer to the Jet Squelcher, but perhaps I give away my position too early.

Now our approach looks far too blue to be safe, and two squidmates are wondering what to do. Guys, we have another route! I waste no time in trying to exploit it, and help neutralise our Splat Zone, splat away the Roller, and provide a super-jumping spot for my squidmates, incidentally making their landings safe with my Bubbler. That little manoeuvre has opened up possibilities again!

I think about hitting the blue team's flank, but our own Splat Zone still needs attention. I turn back, wait for the Kraken to transform back to an inkling, and splat the Slosher, and hold to splat the incoming Jet Squelcher, before recapturing our Splat Zone. And my squidmates return, ready to cause more disruption! Now we hit their flank, as our other squidmates have capture the blue Splat Zone, and although the Jet Squelcher can keep my Bubblered self away, I am happy to just slow her down with a Disruptor and back off.

I do some tidying up on our flank just beyond the blue Splat Zone, which gives me just enough distance in time and space to head back and get a nice clutch of splats. Now we look to be nicely in control! I hold at the top of the ramp, watching the blue team's lack of progress, my squidmates really being nice and disruptive, jumping in when the Slosher comes our way. I need to pull back and hide as the Slosher becomes a Kraken, which works in my favour when her Kraken runs out.

I turn back to cover the Kraken's tracks, and slosh what turns out to be a squidmate with a little covering of blue ink. But my sloshing is not in vain, as I catch the blue inkling giving chase. And, with that, and the Splat Zones staying a solid yellow, we take the lead a couple of seconds in to extra time, winning a victory that looked improbable earlier. Woomy!

Sloshing all over the Skatepark in Splat Zones (17-4, Tri-slosher)

11th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Can I get behind the green team and cause some disruption to start the battle? Yes, and kind of. The green inklings have moved up, so I don't really catch them by surprise, but my delayed appearance helps our team by adding some finishing ink here and there. With the situation under control, I move up and loiter. It's not the best position to loiter, to be honest, which is why I pop up early. Thankfully, it works for me this time, but I don't push my luck and hang around.

I squid around the Splat Zones, and ink a wall that's often overlooked, holding on it as a Suction Bomb Rush flies in. But a blue Inkstrike pacifies the situation, and an Echolocator shows me an inkling in a different corner. I head across to do something about that, and get my bucket working well to slosh over my head. I miss an Inkzooka, though, but I head back to recapture one Splat Zone, at least briefly. My inky splat puddle turns it quite green moments later.

One of our flanks looks quite green, so I head that way, somewhat recklessly, to do something about it. An inkling is still active, and in a good position. I shouldn't be allowed to get where I do, but I get there, and although the inkling departs behind the wall, my Tri-slosher just laughs at their attempt to escape and splats them anyway.

I move around to look at the Splat Zones, now firmly green, but decide to neutralise any threat on the central column first, in case I am picked off from above. But the threat is on the floor to start with, and nearly splats me on my squidding up the wall, my making it only thanks to popping my Bubbler. There follows some chasing of inklings, somehow surviving an Ink Mine and narrowly avoiding a Seeker, and ultimately surviving and recapturing one Splat Zone with a few more splats under my belt.

Once things calm down, I get some height again and lob a Disruptor here, a Disruptor there. One inkling of two is hit, and I drop down to claim the splat. I splat the disrupted inkling, then look for the one that got away. He went down our flank, and I find him and again us my bucket's sloshing power to its advantage. I head back to look after the blue Splat Zones, but an Echolocater reveals an inkling super-jumped to the one I just splatted, so I turn and deal with them instead, popping my Bubbler a bit late, but just in case.

Ignoring the Splat Zones for a splat turns them green again, although I think that would have happened anyway, and given us a threat on our flank. I don't head to the Splat Zones to ink them, knowing the ink would just be covered by ink, and look for the source of the ink instead. A flanking move gets two splats and reduces the green ink output nicely, and I somehow come out unsplatted to help recover the Splat Zones. I don't feel that lucky, though, so retreat to be safe.

I find a place to watch and wait, happy that the Splat Zones are blue and our E-litre 3K is on the central column. I move when I feel I've done enough sitting, and take an unexpected route for one inkling. My Bubbler keeps me safe in a hostile position, but I know it will disappear, so look for the Inkzooka. I lag behind the inkling a bit, and get myself in to a whole lot of ink, which ends up getting me splatted.

My route back is beset by green ink, but I find a gap and exploit it, chasing an inkling look to set-up on our flank, and putting a stop to it. Chasing the Splat-o-matic turns out to be harder, although I splat him just as he pulls out an Inkzooka. I turn my attention to the Splat Zones, and see if I can slosh over the inkling launching Seekers, but he disappears in to the ink. I ink the Splat Zones instead, but am fighting the tide of green ink, and don't react in time to the seeking Seeker. I don't think I deserve the squidbagging, though.

As time runs out, it seems sensible to concentrate ink in the Splat Zones, but maybe not as a splat puddle of the wrong colour, as a mis-judged Disruptor causes me to run out of ink and be defenceless. But my squidmates have done enough, keeping control of the other Splat Zone, so that extra time is short, and the victory is ours. Woomy!

Asserting my turf in Splat Zones (4-1, Kelp Splat Charger)

11th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I head to a decent perch for my Kelp Splat Charger, and immediately ignore the Splat Zones. I assume my squidmates know what they're doing, so I start trying to control the channels visible to me, to prevent purple ink from coming in. This obviously doesn't sit well with at least one purple inkling, who makes a move to oust me, but I dodge his Suction Bomb and, well, get splatted anyway from the one I didn't see.

But that position looks good, so I head back there, Splat Zones nice and green. They turn purple with a concerted effort, and although we neutralise the Splat Zones soon enough, we have a buffer to work through. I remember my Sprinkler again, and try desperately to get enough ink for one so that I can help passively with inking the Splat Zones, but manage instead to get a Killer Wail first. Fair enough.

My Killer Wail does little, but it keeps a channel clear, which lets me focus on trying to counter a Suction Bomb Rush. It doesn't work, mostly because I get distracted by purple inklings on the moving platform. I get a nice splat on a flying squid, though. I think that inkling comes back to get me to move, lobbing Suction Bombs my way. I do better than he does, thanks to a Killer Wail.

Left alone, I ink the Splat Zones and the channels, and keep trying to get a decent Sprinkler. The third one is good, and even gets me a splat simultaneously as I get an splat with my Splat Charger. Just in time to inflate my numbers too, as the battle ends with our knockout moments later. Woomy!

Finding my position in Splat Zones (8-3, Kelp Splat Charger)

10th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I aim more to the left than I want, so that I don't shoot a squidmate's head, but none of them jump, which is good. My first Sprinkler throw is a little off, but as they don't bounce they're not easy to aim. The second hits its mark, and I set myself up centrally. Despite this, I can't keep up with the inking of two green inklings, nor can hit them directly, and the green team take an early lead.

I drop down to plant my Killer Wail, so that I don't need to angle it poorly, but end up getting the angle wrong from lack of visibility. Hopefully I can correct for that next time. Just as we are maybe getting more ink in to the Splat Zones, in come dual Inkstrikes, probably from the N-ZAPs. Those are nifty weapons for Splat Zones, I have to say. A bit of splatting, and using my Splat Charger against the green Sprinklers, eventually, lets us take some control over the battle.

With this control comes the confidence to move forwards. Getting on top of the central column offers a good advantage to a charger, and I do my best to keep the paths available to the green team inked off, as well as getting some splats from my vantage point. I lack a bit of range to be a big threat, but I am still a threat. It takes one Inkstrike to push me off the column, and a second to keep me off, which lets a the Splash-o-matic pounce.

I head back to to the column, planting Sprinklers and regaining ink before popping up to look for splats. The first is a juicy direct hit, which I follow-up with another good shot, but even with almost a full charge it bounces off the Splattershot Pro. Before I get another attempt, a Suction Bomb from the Rush of the Splattershot Pro catches a friendly Inkstrike to detonate immediately, splatting me away. He's got only one minor Defence upgrade too, which hardly counters my major Strength upgrade, so I don't know why my shot didn't splat him. So it goes.

Going back to the same place gets me in to trouble quickly, with inky pressure coming from multiple sources and directions, which indicates a shift in balance in the battle. I should change tack too, to counteract this shift. I head down the side to an alternative perch. It looks a bit green around there, but I should be able to cope with that. And I get a really nice splat immediately on a squidding inkling, which perks me up.

I get to work inking turf and pressuring the green inklings, also realising that I need to keep that channel coming directly towards me inked, to slow down inklings gunning for me. One comes along immediately, and although my partially charged shot doesn't get the splat, it forces the inkling to hide to recover. That he hides right under my nose doesn't help with his survival, though.

I keep inking, and destroying Sprinklers, as good chargers should do, and with some excellent inking from my squidmates, we take the lead! My perch is threatened again, but because of keeping the channel purple, I see the threat coming and, with a straight line for him to squid down, I get the splat to keep myself safe. I still lack just that little extra range to be a constant threat to the green team, but I my Splat Charger mostly keeps them at bay, and I have the occasional Killer Wail to extend further.

As the seconds run down, the green team feel the pressure to capture our Splat Zone. That causes one inkling to dash forwards recklessly, which I completely understand, and her focus on the Splat Zone lets me splat her. And that splat helps ensure the battle doesn't enter extra time, and our victory. Woomy!

Too many chargers in Tower Control (8-6, Kelp Splat Charger)

10th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, three chargers on our team, plus a Roller. Not a great composition. But look at the other team too, three E-litre 3Ks and a Hydra Splatling! This will be unpredictable. I can at least say with confidence that normal Tower Control tactics won't be applicable, so I'm just going to wing this battle.

Naturally, there is something of a stalemate to start with, as the E-litre 3Ks of the blue team sweep their sights around looking for targets, and it's up to our brave Roller to hop on to the Tower to give us an early lead. She's splatted off pretty quickly, which is more a reflection of the support she's relying on than anything.

My Killer Wail has charged, and pointing it towards two of the chargers should at least force them to duck and cover, so I hop on to the Tower and plant a Sprinkler, hoping that takes some ink before I do. It kinda works too, but I am forced off soon enough too, and being Echolocated only encourages me to squid away.

I circle around and hop back on to the Tower, dropping the decoy Sprinkler, which reveals one inkling's position. I get a good splat from that, but poke my beak up for the nearby Hydra Splatling to ink. Our flying Roller comes out badly too. I ink a new path on my way back, just trying different things. Tidying up charges my Killer Wail, which happily splats two inklings, but not the one I was hoping to keep clear from me. But I get away, turn around, and get a nice splat as a different E-litre 3K looks down her sights on the Tower.

I keep on the flank, moving up in height a little, and splat the unsuspecting Hyrda Splatling, get distracted engaging an E-litre 3K at close range, and turn back to splat another inkling looking forwards, before the Burst Bomb close range support that I'm lacking helps splat me efficiently. I come back a little bewildered, trying to approach the Tower as charge sights sweep around. I think I'm doing well, and have a super-jumper target, but am actually flanked by another charger. It's weirdly hilarious.

I return as the blue team push in to the lead, causing me to jink to intercept. I take care with my aim, although with only the Tower to aim at, and get a nice splat, but the Tower keeps moving, and I find myself under pressure. My squidmates help out with my pressure, and clear the Tower, so I squid forwards to see if we can steal the lead back quickly. With a Killer Wail, decoy Sprinklers, and hiding in ink, the Tower trundles in to the lead. A Sprinkler even splats an inkling to keep the Tower moving further. Nice!

I keep the Tower moving, probably more by luck than judgment, plus good support from my team, but eventually I am splatted off. But we have a really good lead now, that hopefully we can defend with my squidmates' good aiming skills. Not mine, obviously, although the Tower jinking on its way back, just as I have the Hydra Splatling in my sights (probably) doesn't help me.

The blue team keeps pushing the Tower, and it looks threatening. I head down to help, but hearing a Bubbler being popped and shared has me, well, not quite hiding in the ink. No wonder I'm splatted quickly. But have a Roller for defence really helps, as well as the usual fun E-litre 3K melee battles. Our side wins, and the Tower is pushed back.

Time is running out, and the blue team makes one last lunge for the Tower. I hit the flank, because I often think it helps, and just about get the splat on an incoming super-jumper. Hopefully that takes a little pressure off the rest of my team, who successfully recover the Tower to give us the victory. That was a fun and wacky battle!

Rushing to the podium in Rainmaker (3-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

The inkling coming over the bridge causes me pause, and dropping back helps splat the inkling that came over the ramp. I resume my squidding over the perch, but no one's there, probably because there's no charger on the blue team.

I turn to see what the Rainmaker's doing, and as I get on to the column a squidmate grabs it and squids forwards. I move up to support, getting stopped pretty early, but some concentrated ink and a Bubbler helps us push through the blue defences.

As we approach the podium, I jink to the side, rather than clumping with the rest of my squidmates. That helps not get splatted by ink raining down from the base, and surprises one inkling dropping down from above. The other inkling thankfully ignores me, after I confuse him for a yellow squidmate.

Everything comes together at once. I move behind some cover and activate my Seeker Rush, which easily overwhelms the blue ink to burst the Rainmaker's Shield and splat the last blue inkling nearby. And with the Rainmaker practically perched on the podium, I get one of my simplest dunks so far. Woomy!

On review, Jade and her Roller can be seen standing stationary on the blue base, which probably accounts for our easy passage. But the blue team also had what looks suspiciously like a smurf, so I'm fine with getting this simple victory.

The strange case of the extra-large Kraken in Rainmaker (12-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Not my best Seeker to start with, but it'll do. My channel around the Rainmaker is blocked by a Roller, so I pause to flick at the shield before not fooling the Roller at all to try sneaking around the side. At least I don't get splatted. The other side is covered already, so I just help bursting the Rainmaker free instead.

I jink to the side to provide secondary support, which comes in useful when the Rainmaker is inevitably lost, and the tight channels help restrict the blue team's fire whilst being in the open section lets me hide to the side. A Seeker here and there helps with ink and splats, but they can only satisfy me for so long. Pushing up to flick at inklings is rather more aggressive and risky, but jolly good fun, right to the end.

I come back to ink a fatter path for more reliable squidding, and sit back to provide more Seeker support. I don't hit the Rainmaker, but still hit someone, which is always fun, and activate my Seeker Rush when I spy a ripple in the ink ahead of me. But the ripple becomes a Kraken, and although I look to escape, apparently I wasn't where I thought I was.

The blue team get a wiggle on, and as they come close to taking the lead, I ignore the inkling who will obviously splat me if I poke my beak out, and squid around to move the Rainmaker in the right direction. It goes pretty well, thanks to the blue team not tidying up their turf, and I don't even mind that I get ambushed. The Rainmaker is on the other side of the map.

My timing is impeccable on my return, intercepting the Rainmaker perfectly. I decide to push my luck and keep going forwards, and nearly splat the Jet Squelcher, but lose her in the ink. At least I get away, and circle back to support my squidmates with the Rainmaker. I spy the Jet Squelcher ahead and launch a Seeker, which I somehow catch up to on a curve. Those are neat little weapons, even if I don't understand what goes on in their heads.

The Rainmaker is still going! I should do something. That Seeker launched in to the container next to me should help. But in case it doesn't, I move up and start a Seeker Rush, maybe at just the wrong moment. At least the Rainmaker's Shield doesn't splat me, despite all the blue ink exploding around me, but the Kraken with the big beak makes a second appearance.

Another nice bit of timing on my return, helped by my Ninja Squid t-shirt, and from there Seekers are the best weapon, with the Rainmaker trying to progress down the narrow corridors. Seekers get a couple of splats, but no Rainmaker, and the Rush runs out just when a blue inkling gets close, by Ninja Squidding helps again, and I put the finishing ink on the Rainmaker.

Rather than head back in to a splatting zone, I squid haphazardly around the edge in safety, to drop down on top of the Rainmaker. My flicking goes a bit awry, but the Rainmaker really has nowhere to go, so I get the splat eventually. It's got to be a little embarrassing for the Jet Squelcher that I nearly splat her with my Carbon Roller whilst Echolocated, but I don't think my random squidding around is much to be proud of either.

I eventually decide to grab the Rainmaker, to keep hold of it as the battle draws to a close. Some blasting here and there should keep me safe. Except against the curiously large Kraken! Still, I kept the Rainmaker out of blue tentacles, and my squidmates burst the shield and grab it themselves to deny blue any extra-time push, and ensure us the victory. Woomy!

Solo splats in Squad Rainmaker (14-6, Tri-slosher)

8th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Going full-speed in Squad Battles only gets me splatted really easily, really often, so I try to practice some caution to start this battle. Maybe I should apply that elsewhere, but I think I'm happy to stay at the low A ranks and be reckless and dumb. I also kinda ignore the Rainmaker. That only gets me splatted too often. Instead, I am aiming to skirmish and cause disruption, hoping to promote my team as a result.

An early splat from a good Disruptor throw is good, and it gets me behind the purple team, although that's mostly because they're running the other way with the Rainmaker. That's not terrible, though, as it lets me cover their tracks and come at them from an unexpected angle. Of course, it's my squidmates that really stop the push, I just tidy up.

I circle back to look for more splats, but get splatted by a Bamboozler with kit that I find immensely irritating. It makes no sense for the weapon or in general, is probably edited, and just indicates the kind of player that I don't get on with. But that's my problem with the higher ranks, and I just have to live with it.

I take a direct route back, but consciously head a different direction to the action, hoping to flank again. It doesn't work, but hanging back lets me disrupt any hope for the purple team to make a coordinated push, and my squidmates recover the Rainmaker and head this way again. I circle back and up, which gets me in to a good position to ink some turf and splat the purple team in sequence, thwarted only by an Echolocator.

I come back to try to catch the Rainmaker at the side, across the bridge, but as he is splatted by a squidmate, I alter my plans and keep going to the other side. I try to keep sloshing to a minimum, to hide my presence, but when I catch up with the inklings I am caught between the two in front of me and the one to the side. My indecision, as always, gets me splatted.

I return opposite to the action again, but this time my route is too slow to be effective, as my squidmates are out of action, and the purple team extend their lead, but only by a little. When they're stopped, I turn around and skirmish again. I'm quite glad to be spotted and have a Splat Bomb lobbed my way this time, as my evasive jump drops me in range of the Bamboozler for an easy splat, although my movements were obviously tracked, and I don't get any further.

My squidmates make a great push with the Rainmaker as I pause to recuperate, almost gaining us the lead. Circling around doesn't do much but let the purple team clear the Rainmaker, but I try it a second time anyway. Strangely enough, much the same thing happens, but with my getting surrounded and splatted this time.

There's a little flurry of activity in extra time, where I provide perhaps my most direct support to the Rainmaker, but we don't get far before the battle ends. Not a victory for us, but playing the battle in my style, rather than sticking around to get continually splatted by players much more skilled than me, helps keep my sanity.

Clearing the way for the Rainmaker (9-1, Tri-slosher)

8th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I like this side route on Camp Triggerfish Rainmaker. If you can just squeeze under the gate, you can move around the side quicker than inklings expect, which lets you appear on their flank as rather a surprise. Add a bit of caution, and you can control the centre of the Camp fairly well.

I move up, and back a bit, to splat the Roller, then look to get some height for my ink to slosh down. How the inkling misses seeing me up there I don't know, but he gets away from me even when cornered. Nice work, Aerospray inkling!

I give up the chase to concentrate on forward support, turning back at the right time to catch another inkling looking in the wrong direction, and squid up to ink the podium just as we lose the Rainmaker. I try to keep the teal team back, but don't come out well in a two-on-one situation.

I try to make sure it's safe to super-jump back, and it looks like it is, but circumstances change quickly. Thankfully, the Rainmaker Shield provides some cover, even if it nearly pushes me in the water as a result. It looks like we'll recover the Rainmaker, but instead of clumping together with my squidmates, I head in a different direction.

Going across the bridge lets me flank the teal team expecting everyone to be in front of them. It proves to be quite effective, clearing the way for my squidmates, who are actually all splatted. Never mind, I can go back for the Rainmaker!

I am surprised by a super-jumping squidmate, who I first take to be a teal inkling, but she's keen to grab the Rainmaker and my pause to slosh her puts me back in to the supporting role. That works for both of us, as my Bubbler protects me from the Roller and a Suction Bomb, and keeps the path purple for the Rainmaker.

A short run across the rope bridge, and the way to the podium is clear for a final squidding. That was short and sweet. Woomy!

Almost ignoring the Tower in Tower Control (13-5, Tri-slosher)

7th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

An E-litre 3K on the other team is a good target for me, but also a risk. A fun risk, unlike the Rapid Blaster, which generally are bad for me and my bucket. My first route is going for the E-litre 3K, which should let me ignore the Rapid Blaster initially, but getting around the back doesn't see the charger on the normal perch. I see a Beakon, though, and, for some reason, a Roller rolling towards me. I splat one, uncover the E-litre 3K, and force a retreat.

I move on, destroying the Beakon, which should thwart the E-litre 3K briefly, before squidding around looking for trouble. I find some, Bubbler protecting me, and thankfully my Cold-blooded shirt drops the Haunt soon enough. When not being tracked, I gain some height, aiming for the perch again, but pause to splat the Hero Roller Replica, which I only manage because he stops to plant a Killer Wail.

I keep going around, looking for the E-litre 3K, and find him, but only after passing another inkling. I decide to keep going forwards, but my sloshing doesn't quite reach far enough to get the splat before the other inkling can react and splat me. That's okay, it happens, and it gives me a chance to destroy a Beakon annoyingly close to our base. I swear most inklings never look at the map.

Moving to destroy another Beakon finds the E-litre 3K, who super-jumps away again, but I think I know where he's going. I move to intercept, and use just enough cover to avoid getting splatted. I ink some turf and move up to see the E-litre 3K is coming back. I think I hide well enough, but I am forced to move by a Roller coming my way. I still somehow get two splats out of the situation, one being a rather panicked E-litre 3K, before the Rapid Blaster gets me.

I go hunting the E-litre 3K again, and get really close to splatting him. But that comes at a cost, as his team takes the lead whilst I'm in some pointless, imaginary feud for kicks and giggles. I try to make up for this by squidding straight for the Tower, splatting an advance inkling, and the E-litre 3K super-jumping on to the Tower, before pushing the Tower towards the centre. But the damage is done.

I start reclaiming turf to make our travel smoother, and getting some height sees the Roller as a target. I slosh over the ramp and get a splat, but it's not the Roller. That was the E-litre 3K. Nice! The Roller is splatted moments later. Another inkling engages, then disengages as my Bubbler pops, and I keep her occupied for a little bit, but sadly not whilst the Tower is moving.

The Tower does move, but not for long. I head across to do, well, something, but I'm caught in three minds, between flanking, engaging, and hopping on the Tower. In the end, floundering in the middle of the map is the wrong choice. Heading back to base lets me destroy another Beakon, freshly planted, and the E-litre 3K that planted it. That was sweet. I move around to destroy another, and am looking for the E-litre 3K when I am caught by the Hero Roller Replica. I probably deserve that squidbagging too.

The squidbagging is repaid immediately, as I catch the Roller on top of the central column, and follow through with the E-litre 3K, far too close to the action, and slosh ahead of the Tower being pushed by a squidmate. I hop on for the ride, thankful for my squidmate's Inkzooka, and shout out a 'Nice!' as the battle ends, popping my Bubbler just so that it doesn't go to waste.

But the battle doesn't end. I forgot that we lost the lead. I thought we were just riding the Tower for funsies, but it is our last-ditch attempt at winning the battle. Good thing I popped my Bubbler, as we cruise in to an extra-time victory. I really should pay more attention. Woomy!