Mind the mines in Tower Control [18(4)-5, Tri-slosher]

2nd February 2018 – 7.00 pm

I like that Burst Bomb splat to kick me off, but I mis-gauge how close the Rapid Blaster is to me and get a bit stuck. It doesn't help that I get caught in crossfire too. My squidmates push the Tower, though, and I return to approach from behind, for support. The Rapid Blaster is still there, quite a threat to a Tri-slosher, so I move backwards, towards the Dualies, as it happens. He should have stuck with the Dualies, though, as I slosh his Inkjet away.

Splatting the Inkjet gives me room to manoeuvre above the Rapid Blaster, who is just inky enough for a Burst Bomb to splat him away. But the Tower's reseting, and being contested. The Splat Roller and I dodge each other, then splat each other, and the yellow team is there to hop on the Tower. I head the other way, and hope to catch the Rapid Blaster unawares. He spots me early, though, but a bit of good squidding gives me the advantage.

My squidmates are back on the Tower. I help them along with some Ink Armour, whilst sticking to the turf to splat away any threats. The Inkjet tries again, but my bucket seems to be good at splatting it. Our main problem is that everyone got off the Tower. That's easily rectified, though, and with the yellow team temporarily out of the way we take the lead. It gets messy soon after.

As the yellow team push again, I gain more confidence in splatting the Inkjet, which works again, and the Rapid Blaster, but am caught by an Ink Mine in the process. I'll be fine, I'm sure. However, it helps that I activate my Ink Armour, just before squidding right through a second Ink Mine.

My attempts at flanking start well, moving unpredictably around the Dualies, then go badly when I completely lose track of the Tower. Trying to catch up squids me through yet another Ink Mine, and it's the fourth that finally splats me. But that puts me back at base, and in a much better position to orientate myself.

I help with a bit of defence, getting lucky against the Roller, but am caught by the Rapid Blaster's range. Not a problem, we're pushing the Tower again, and I squid up behind it for inky support. I miss one inkling, avoid the Rapid Blaster, activate two Ink Mines, and somehow manage to stick around to contribute to a couple of splats to keep the Tower moving.

The Rapid Blaster has disappeared by this point, though. No wonder we increase our lead, and to the goal. Losing a squid really makes a difference. I tend not to share battles where this happens, unless I'm on the team that loses the squid and I think we put up a good fight, but it was late in the battle and a really good battle up to that point.

Getting inky in Tower Control [13(4)-2, Tri-slosher]

2nd February 2018 – 7.00 am

Hitting the side as the rest of my team goes for the Tower doesn't quite find me the splats I'm after, but at least I'm not completely out-manoeuvred. I had to rush backwards to find the Tower, though, and only help with keeping the inklings off. I do some tidying up as my squidmates push the Tower, and although I splat no one when the Tower starts coming back, I do manage to be the only inkling left standing, letting me hop on the Tower for the next push.

I hop off the Tower at the right time too, helping to repel the green attackers. Maybe I could have got back on, particularly as squidding around the back does little, but a squidmate keeps the Tower going, and I provide some good supporting ink. It all gets a bit chaotic, with ink flying everywhere, green inklings with the height advantage, but we keep the Tower mostly under our control.

I hop back on but only really to get on to the containers. A squidmate has the same idea, leaving the Tower unattended, which isn't good. I check to make sure we don't leave it trundling backwards, and once another squidmate super-jumps to it I focus forwards again. It takes a bit of finessing to keep the Tower moving, with a lot of green ink heading our way, but we manage it.

The Tower keeps moving forwards, and I prepare for the last burst of activity by charging my tank. It's not quite enough for me, but a squidmate hangs on to the Tower and splats away threats to ride it to the goal. Woomy!

Oh, there's two chargers in Tower Control [18(5)-9, Tri-slosher]

1st February 2018 – 7.00 pm

Yeah, it seems obvious now, when you can see both of them clearly at the start of the battle on the green base, but I don't think I quite processed the Goo Tuber for what it was. But I'll get back to that. I'm happy to see my Burst Bomb connected with an inkling to get me an assist, and happier to run headlong in to an unprepared Splat Charger trying to set up on the flank. That gives us an early advantage to push the Tower.

I get my Ink Armour up and running before heading in to dangerous territory, but perhaps it could have waited until it actually got dangerous. And we can ignore my super-jumping back to an immediate splatting. Instead, check out my sweet move to flank the Slosher, which I manage twice. Yeah, smooth!

The green team get a score on the board, but we push back a little, until the Slosher gets his own back on me and we end up three inklings down and the Tower coming our way. They make it to the first checkpoint, where we converge and stop them, and I hit the flank to make good use of the Tri-slosher's Burst Bombs to increase my inking range and improve my movement speed.

Our push goes well, and my pressing high gets me some decent supressing splats. We're stopped at the second checkpoint, but we now have a healthy lead. I head down the side to use my Burst Bombs effectively again, but get caught between retreating from the Slosher's sloshing and pushing up to catch the Slosher launching Tenta Missiles.

The green team push again, and make it to Checkpoint 1 a second time. I try to get some elevation, but when I flop to the ground instead I decide to see what I can do. I squid around the side, and get three splats to clear the Tower, and help to start pushing it back. Not a bad result. A Burst Bomb catches the Splat Charger nicely to take some pressure off, and wonder how he gets back so quickly to knock me off the Tower.

It's only when, seconds later, one charger splats me and squids away, revealing the second charger behind him, that I realise I haven't known there are two chargers on the green team. Still, I don't think knowing would have changed much up until now. Indeed, the battle starts to wind down.

Although we are in control of the Tower seconds before the time runs out, the green team snatch control to force the battle in to extra time. I make a sacrificial charge, splatting two inklings on my way in, and my squidmates tidy up the others, to give us the victory. Woomy!

Some back-and-forth in Splat Zones [9(1)-3, Custom Splattershot Jr]

1st February 2018 – 7.00 am

Early control of the Splat Zones is for suckers. Or for inklings who like to be splatted quickly. I speak from experience. Of course, some inklings can take advantage of pressing high quickly. I'm not one of them, and thankfully neither are the purple team. One wanders in to a Robo Chicken of mine too, which pleases me. After the initial mayhem, we capture the Splat Zones away from the other team and steal their lead.

I keep a watchful eye for approaching purple inklings, which would work out better if I could throw my Robo Chickens accurately, instead of hitting grates or bouncing off crates. Running out of ink is a bit of an impediment too. The purple team get themselves back in to the lead, a Robo Chicken bounced off a wall to land behind me still not helping somehow, but we have plenty of time, and a bit of patience is probably for the best.

Jumping in to the Splat Zones behind an Ink Storm seems like a good idea, and works really well. I think a squidmate applied some ink too, so thank you for the triple! I come a cropper to a purple Special, though, not quite noticing the last Tenta Missile's approach, and the Splat Zones are purple again. So it goes.

I make an immediate impact on my return, and follow that up with a decent Ink Storm and covering the purple tracks towards our base, but I get caught in ink again. At least I just about manage to cling to the right part of the wall to avoid being splatted immediately afterwards by more Tenta Missiles. Staying unsplatted works well to keep applying inky pressure to the Splat Zones.

The Robo Chickens do a good job of forcing the purple team to adjust their position, and two in succession push a couple of inklings back from the Splat Zones enough for us to dash in and capture them. Moving up helps us solidify our position, and although the purple team make a good final push, we hold our turf to win without entering extra time. Woomy!

Being useful in S-rank Splat Zones [13(6)-8, Custom Splattershot Jr]

31st January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I'm reluctant to get too involved too quickly in S-rank battles, as I'm not entirely convinced I belong here. Still, holding back and providing some foundational support is generally useful, and sending the odd Robo Chicken to the other side to pressure the charger almost always helps.

I admire one Robo Chicken's desire to chase the Hamster Ball, even though he maybe just wants a go himself, but I've got too close to a few of those to think it a good idea. The second one that rolls my way has my moving back, but sadly it's right in to the path of a Splat Bomb. So it goes.

It looks like the charger may be sitting on our flank as I return, so head that way to try to get behind her. She's not there, but I get myself in to an excellent position to be disruptive, which works very well until I squid up on to the central perch unfortunately facing the wrong direction.

I try to apply some more Robo-chicken pressure on my return, which doesn't quite go to plan. But even though I miss seeing the teal inkling hop from the central perch to our side, a Splat Bomb thrown my way forces me back to put him in front of my Splattershot Jr, which is nice. I follow that up with a Robo Chicken that finds its target, an Ink Storm, and splatting the Heavy Splatling, before being caught out of my reach.

My squidmates take charge of the Splat Zones, but lose it when a couple of Specials coincide, including a Hamster Ball that explodes in quite a radius of effect. I hit the flank again to try to repeat my good moves of earlier, but am spotted sooner and out-ranged easily on two sides. The teal team's continued pressure gives them back the lead.

I go for the other flank next, and use a Robo Chicken to keep an inkling on his toes, but am stopped early in my tracks by another Hamster Ball. My squidmdates are doing better, and are actually keeping the Splat Zones mostly orange. I act as a minor distraction to help them along for the most part, although I manage to sneak around the back to get some useful splats too.

In the end, we maintain control over the Splat Zones for long enough to take back the lead, and win by knockout victory. Woomy!

Rough at sea in Salmon Run [21-18-25, 16/317]

31st January 2018 – 7.00 am

I love me a bit of Splash-o-matic. Naturally, the first few bosses are splatted smoothly enough, and it's only pausing to do more than is needed that causes a bit of a build up. Still, you can't complain about an abundance of Scrappers and the odd Steel Eel, as that's pretty benign for the salmonids. We breeze in to the second wave.

Now, the E-litre 4K I am less comfortable with, but not chargers in general. I consider the long charge time to be a little unwieldy in Salmon Runs, but as long as your squidmates account for this and give you room its power can be utilised. I'm hoping to stick somewhat centrally, splat some weak spots, and let me squidmates do the running around.

My plan mostly works to start with, but the threat of a Stinger has my heading down the edge of the map alone. Thankfully, I've seen that you don't need full charges to pop each pan, and the Stinger goes down quite easily. It's getting cornered by two Steel Eels without inked walls that has my coming a cropper.

It's only me down, though, and I'm soon revived. But then the situation is reversed, and it's just me left, near the basket, my squidmates elsewhere, with Chum and a Maws heading my way. Could be worse, I suppose. Ah, there's also a Stinger, with just one inkling to aim for, so it is worse. But I revive one squidmate, who gets another up, and we claw our way to the end of the wave.

Just to annoy me, Mr Grizz gives me the Octobrush for the most difficult wave. I suppose I'm getting more used to it, but I'd rather have the Blaster. Two Stingers start us off, but right next to each other, not posing a problem. I'm more concerned by the Steelhead, but a squidmate turns up to provide the right amount of ink.

I grab a Golden Egg and try to retreat, but lack of ink impedes me a bit. I then have a Maws appear under my feet, but rather than panic I decide to just lead him back to the basket. A good plan, if it weren't for the two Stingers crossing their streams whilst aiming at me and generally in this direction. I don't quite know how I survive that blast, but I do.

Another Maws turns up, but they are easily dealt with and drop a lode of Golden Eggs for us to collect. We just have to avoid the Stingers. And I have to admit that the Octobrush isn't so bad at that, with a nice bit if running speed whilst inking, I dodge this way and that whilst collecting the eggs. We easily make quota.

Those Stingers keep stinging, though, and I head off to deal with one, and thankfully the Blaster as the same idea. Splatting the Stinger goes according to plan, but being at the end of the jetty is always potentially dodgy, and we turn around to see Steel Eels heading our way. But time is nearly up, and I hope to just bide my time.

My plan seems to work, and I take off by Inkjet to increase my chances of survival. That annoys fate, apparently, and a Steel Eel whips me in the air. But it's okay, Mr Grizz is quite happy with our performance.

Too little focus on Tower Control [15(3)-6, Tri-slosher]

30th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

Some good sloshing clears the way to ride the Tower in safety for a bit, but only for a bit. I hop off to try ease the pressure a bit more, helped along by a direct hit from the Splatterscope off my Ink Armour, and get the splats I need. I'm only hindered when a Sting Ray is sensibly used from a rather safe spot, and chasing that lets the Tower reset.

My squidmates push the Tower further, and I take that opportunity to skirmish for splats, mostly trying to distract the Splatterscope. That works a bit, but I don't quite realise that the Tower is no longer in a positive position for us. That becomes a theme for this battle, unfortunately, as does being splatted by the Crash Blaster. It's not the blasting so much as getting my feet stuck in the ink from the blasts.

The green team push the Tower, and my attempt to interrupt is hampered by the Crash Blaster. I take a different route, quite a bit longer, and am happy that my squidmates are closer and preserve our lead. My squidmates hop on the Tower and increase our lead a little, so I go skirmishing again, but like before don't realise soon enough that the Tower has reset. The green team get back on and this time beat our lead by a margin.

I'm now in a skirmishing mood, though, helped by my squidmates' keenness to ride the Tower. I think their pushes would be helped if I got a few more splats, but it seems the green team is getting wise to me. And with seconds left in the battle, my attempt to clear the Tower goes well by splatting the two chargers, except for neither of them being on the Tower and my getting splatted back.

A good battle, but perhaps one where I could have paid more attention to where the Tower was.

Splats all around in Tower Control [11(2)-6, Custom Splattershot Jr]

30th January 2018 – 7.00 am

My Bomb-throwing still needs work, although if I can ever pull off a wall-bounce trick shot with a Robo Chicken I'll claim it was intentional. I get a bit lucky against the Splattershot Pro when chasing the initial Tower push, but maybe karma is quickly paying me back for covering all but a tiny corner of the Tower with yellow ink and hitting nothing. I go on to clear the Tower too, because that's kinda the point.

We have to pause frequently for blue inklings, which is a little impolite, but we take the lead for now. The blue aren't having that, and push right back, stealing the lead as my little Robo Chicken struggles to climb on to the Tower. I plant one closer, close enough for my Splattshot Jr to be effective too, but that just means the N-ZAP '85 can splat me.

I practice some initial caution in defence, before rushing in to the Octobrush's ink, which somehow pays off. And jinking here and there keeps me from being in the wrong place, until the Tower is free to be boarded. Just in time to catch the Octobrush super-jumping back too. Nice! Falling off the Tower almost works in my favour, letting a blue inkling get splatted to give me a clearer path, but there are other blue inklings ready to splat me further along.

Patrolling a little finds the Splash-o-matic looking for trouble, which I provide, and the Splattershot Pro trying to flank us. I think I've caught him in the act, but he slips through the ink as I get close and bamboozles me. It's a more straightforward splatting on my return, as I tip my ink early, letting the Splattershot Pro know where I am, and he wisely employs the greater range of the Pro against my Jr. My squidmates rightfully avenge me immediately.

I hit the flank on my return looking for opportunity, but it mostly finds me. As my squidmates push the Tower forwards, all the action converges on my position, and I just take advantage of my new popularity to get a splat or two, and continue moving the Tower. I'm a little worried by a bubble, but that passes, unlike the Octobrush.

I super-jump back to what looks like a rather positive position for us. Lots of yellow ink, the Tower nearby, and our own ink-filled bubbles moving along the Tower's path. I hop on as my squidmates keep the blue team splatted, and reach the goal before any of them get close to becoming a returning threat. Woomy!

Up to S Rank in Splat Zones [6-3, Custom Splattershot Jr]

29th January 2018 – 7.00 pm

I mostly hold back and let my squidmates do the dangerous inking, but playing my part by solidifying our foundational ink, and holding the central turf once we capture the Splat Zones. As our spearhead is splatted, I ensure the Splat Zones aren't washed over in green goo, and even nattily dodge a Splashdown. I could have lasted longer if my aim wasn't so shaky.

Our control of the Splat Zones gets just as shaky too, and the green team manage to hold the column with some confidence. Indeed, our lead is lost. But that just gives us turf to ink to quickly charge our Specials, and launching an Ink Strike makes it awkward for the green team and lets me throw out more Robo Chickens.

We stretch the green team just enough to reclaim the Splat Zones, and apply pressure in the right places to keep them blue. I'm particularly pleased with one Robo Chicken chasing the Squiffer to the splat. And although one green inkling sneaks past me, I sensibly don't chase directly and instead keep the ink flowing until a better opportunity arises.

The opportunity presents itself soon enough, which will happen when an inkling continues to be surrounded by the other team's ink, and we get the splat. And that's about all we needed to do, as our counter reaches zero and we win the knockout victory. I even reach S Rank in Splat Zones. Woomy!

Inking the kelp in Splat Zones [7(3)-1, Custom Splattershot Jr]

29th January 2018 – 7.00 am

Kelp Dome is back! I had a quick look around in recon mode, and the changes look positive, and not major enough to confuse me. As such, I take a standard indirect route to the Splat Zones, just to be cautious, and catch a cheeky bugger trying to out-flank us. My ink just about manages to reach him in time for me to catch the Inkbrush about to reach me, and although I run out of ink my Ink Storm has charged. Throwing that helps get some ink in the Splat Zones and recharges my tank, letting me launch a Robo Chicken to protect me.

The early green advantage is now covered in purple, and we take the lead pretty quickly. I catch the Crash Blaster causing problems, and keep the ink flowing until the Inkbrush gets close to me. I take the long route back, hoping to cover some green ink, but the turf is pretty clean along their flank. That lets me move quickly, and I keep moving to be less of a target.

The green team manage to neutralise the Splat Zones just before we claim the victory, but they are naturally feeling the pressure. An inkling super-jumping in to the Splat Zones won't end well, and another inkling doesn't retreat before pulling out the Sting Ray. Both minor mistakes, but their rush gets them splatted, and causes a bigger delay as they are sent back to their base.

A bit more purple ink here and there and we capture the Splat Zones again, and the knockout victory soon follows. Woomy!