Back to Arowana Mall with the Rainmaker

15th May 2016 – 5.33 pm

Arowana Mall has been tweaked and is back in rotation. Today it's available in Rainmaker, which works for me!

I take my normal route to the centre, and get a couple of splats for my efforts. As we grab the Rainmaker, I resist the temptation to sit back, and instead press forwards to help support my squidmates.

We keep the pressure high for a bit, and the Rainmaker stays in opponent territory for a healthy period. When the other team gets control and pushes in to our half, I do my bit in preventing it get too close to our podium.

I even manage to grab the Rainmaker for a bit, which I always enjoy doing, even if I tend not to wait for squidmates to help ink a path. In the end, we do enough to defend our turf.

Welcome back, Arowana Mall.

Ancho-V Games Rainmaker

14th May 2016 – 5.52 pm

A shaky start is brought under control with some good shots. That encourages me to overreach, and it starts going wrong. But my squidmates are on top of the situation, taking the Rainmaker closer to the podium. I even tag along to get some splats thanks to a Bomb Rush.

I try to regain some kind of caution, given my support role with the charger, but when we look like we can press further with the Rainmaker I get a little aggressive again. At least I don't forget everything when it comes to being defensive.

Overall, another decent battle in the offices of Ancho-V Games.

0 to 1 to 0 in Rainmaker

13th May 2016 – 5.27 pm

I'm up against an E-litre 3K Scope, which concerns me a bit. And the initial tussle in the middle of the map has a lot of splatting, and none done by me. I hope I can contribute more soon.

I can, kinda, as an irritation to be splatted as the respawned opposition come barrelling over the ridge. And I do the same again to the E-litre inkling, as he concentrates on me instead of the Rainmaker carrier.

My incidental distraction gives the Rainmaker carrier time to get past the chokepoint, and to the podium! Or does it? The counter ticks down as he squids up the podium, back up as he gets splatted, then the Rainmaker decides it was dunked after all. Woomy!

We have time for another battle: Improvising on Ancho-V Games Rainmaker

An early push in to opponent territory sees half our team get splatted, leaving me and my Splatterscope in a rather awkward position. I do what I can not to get splatted, and do it quite well.

A bit of to-and-fro, and I get my suction cups on the Rainmaker. That's always entertaining. I switch back to take a different route, and somehow survive a short-range engagement. But not for long.

I get quite close to the podium, but still with a little distance to go. A couple of convenient splats thanks to the Rainmaker's shield boosts my numbers, and gives us a clearer path, just as my Splat Bomb Rush is ready. Nice!

Much Better Rainmaker on Ancho-V Games

12th May 2016 – 5.15 pm

Another good start to a Rainmaker battle on Ancho-V Games. I take out a couple of opposition chargers, and, this time, my squidmates charge forwards with the Rainmaker.

There's a bit of a lull after we lose the Rainmaker, and I get to see how a Killer Wail can combine with a fan in an unexpected away. I thought I was safe!

We're held back when close to the opposition base, which is only to be expected, but another push gets us really close. And I nab the Rainmaker from under my squidmates noses to steal my first dunking on Ancho-V Games. Woomy!

That battle finishes early, and so does this one: Leaving me behind on Ancho-V Games Rainmaker

Indecision as to whether to break the Rainmaker's shield or disrupt the opponents leads to a little lapse in concentration and getting splatted early.

The lapse may extend a little further, as I seem to completely ignore the Rainmaker outside of its shield as I try to cover some turf instead. That's unlike me.

We take the lead, and, after a little defending, make another push forwards. I decide to take a flanking route, to provide support from an unexpected direction, only to find that I wasn't needed. Works for me!

Sorry Rainmaker on Ancho-V Games

11th May 2016 – 5.36 pm

I've reconnoitred Ancho-V Games, time to have some fun. I swap to the Splatterscope and head in to Rainmaker.

Ah, I should recon the map for Rainmaker too, as there are some changes. Never mind, too late for that now. Just concentrate on being a good charger.

I think I do quite well. I keep my range, get a good number of splats, and even keep the opposition chargers down. I even stay out of trouble as best I can, which doesn't come naturally to me.

It doesn't help that my squidmates are far from keen to grab the Rainmaker, but that's okay. It's a new map, everyone's just getting used to it.

First look at Ancho-V Games in Turf War

10th May 2016 – 5.04 pm

New map Ancho-V games gets added to the rotation. Time to break out an easy weapon and take a look around. Turf War is probably a better way to reconnoitre the map than Rainmaker, the ranked mode, so I join the queue and get ready.

And in the queue for Turf War I realise that recon mode is a better way to recon a map than playing Turf War. I actually told myself to recon the map first, but somehow forgot. I was probably too excited.

In to the deep end, but a deep end of ink, thankfully. I check my gamepad for the overall layout, take a safe route, and ambush an incautious charger. From there, I find my way around, toy with the chargers, and ink as much turf as I can.

First impressions are that Ancho-V Games looks like a lot of fun!

Let's have a second battle there: Ancho-V Games 2 in Turf War

I follow up my accidental recon of Ancho-V Games in Turf War with a second Turf War battle. I take the same route as the first time, allowing my Bubbler to charge, then try to get a good internal understanding of the map.

I spend a bit of time trying to jump to where I think I've found an otherwise inaccessible area. That gets me splatted a few times which could have been avoided. And when I finally make the jump, I realise I can get to the same area a different way. Never mind, now I know.

After that, I just try to spray ink as fast as I can. That's a pretty good tactic in Turf War.

Second E-litre battle in Tower Control

9th May 2016 – 5.32 pm

My second battle with an E-litre 3K, again in Tower Control on Walleye Warehouse. My testing of the weapon isn't helped much by having other chargers on our team, but everyone can choose their weapon. I need to get good quickly.

The E-litre 3K feels really powerful. The range on the weapon is enormous, longer than I'm used to. I am honestly trying shots that I don't think should hit, and getting splats.

To have such a long range, the E-litre 3K sucks up a lot of ink with each charge. You can't get many shots out of a tank, which kinda makes having a good aim a necessity. Perhaps the scope would help, but I'd rather have a good view for now.

The Splash Bomb sub causes me many problems when trying to close down E-litres, but they are not as easy to use as they look. I misjudge the range, miss the target, or simply don't have enough ink. Maybe I should look at my gear to help with a bit of this.

Overall, the E-litre 3K is a powerful weapon, but one that is definitely not easy to use. I have more respect for those who are good with it, and maybe soon I will be one of them. I should definitely try to practice more with it.

First E-litre battle in Tower Control

8th May 2016 – 5.50 pm

When encouraged to persevere with a charger, I started with the Splat Charger and, on getting comfortable with that, progressed to the Splatterscope. And then I stayed with the Splatterscope. Not much of a progression, really.

I think I didn't want to become a hated E-litre user. But, really, any charger is going to be disliked for being a charger, so let's continue my education and try an E-litre. Non-scope for now.

I was going to pootle around in Turf War, but, after a quick few shots in the testing ground, couldn't resist Tower Control in Walleye Warehouse. So my first game with the E-litre 3K is in a Ranked battle of Tower Control. Not a particularly sensible idea, but there you go.

Impressions of the E-litre will follow.

Good start to Tower Control

7th May 2016 – 5.20 pm

A few missed shots, just to get my eye in, then I seem to be having a good battle of Tower Control. Keeping my range, using my sub, keeping the opposition at bay.

A mere splat by some keen squid won't keep me down, either. And my squidmates actually seem okay with riding the tower. That's good news for a support squid. Well, as long as they can rely on me.

It's when I lose track of the tower that the battle starts to go awry. When I find it again, I get impetuous, but my throwing arm seems to improve. I get some good lobs on to the tower.

A final push in overtime sees a crack shot at the opposition charger, but he's not the only squid hounding the tower. Never mind.

Damned chargers in Tower Control

6th May 2016 – 5.49 pm

Nerf OP chargers! Naw, just kidding. They can just be really effective in the right tentacles.

I wish I was as skilled as the chargers on the other team. I know I'm not, because I tried the same thing a few games later with my Splatterscope, and I was a bit rubbish.

More practice needed!