Pushing forwards as purple in Tower Control

20th June 2016 – 5.02 pm

Arowana Mall is a great map for a charger. Even when paired with Urchin Underpass int he rotation, I will take the awkward Underpass to play on the excellent Mall occasionally.

I get a good number of splats in, and only fall foul of being splatted once, pressing up the map when my squidmates have been splatted themselves.

My aim isn't quite what it could be, but the number of shots I get, the ink I turf, and the final Splat Bomb Rush make up for my inaccuracies.

Losing my cool on Tower Control

19th June 2016 – 5.50 pm

Not 'getting salty', but instead of playing the good game I manage in the first couple of minutes, I end up getting a bit panicky and looking more like a newbie.

Mutual splatting of the same Roller moments after respawning is amusing. Less amusing is getting backed in to walls and not having enough ink for a Splat Bomb. My own fault, in both cases.

Trying to control the turf instead ot the tower seems like a good idea for a Splatterscope playing support, and must have some benefit, given that the opposition are trying to control the turf, but it is the tower that is the more important centre of focus.

Eventually going forwards in Tower Control

18th June 2016 – 5.28 pm

With the Splatterscope equipped, I really need to moderate my urge to ride the tower so much. That's for other inklings to do, so that I can provide necessary support. It would help my efforts if my squidmates also realised this and were more keen to ride the tower themselves.

Almost to prove this, my first uncontrolled urge ends with a quick splatting before I even touch the tower. Lesson learnt, I'm firmly back in support. And to help me, my squidmates settle in and start riding the tower. Excellent! I do my best to provide the support I promise in exchange.

It all goes rather well.

My own private feud in Rainmaker

17th June 2016 – 5.47 pm

I get a bit lucky at the start, where hanging around the centre doesn't see the Rainmaker get too far away from us. We even get it for ourselves and make some decent progress. Running in to the Killer Wail is a mistake, though.

A couple of the opposition decide to try to control the turf of our main corridor, and I take it upon myself to retain control, mostly by trying to splat them, but also just by taking the turf back.

But my focus is perhaps a little misguided. It is too late that I realise their Rainmaker carrier has got close to our lead, and has overtaken it by the time I can react. Whether it was a good strategy of theirs to control that corridor, or a poor strategy of mine to pay them too much mind, I can't say.

Maybe if I had aimed better, I could have refocussed to the Rainmaker sooner.

Losing sight of the Rainmaker

16th June 2016 – 5.16 pm

I decide to flank the Rainmaker at the start of this battle in Port Mackerel, thinking it to be a sneaky option. Maybe I get a cunning splat on a charger, but I completely lose track of where the Rainmaker is, to the whole team's detriment.

We spend the rest of the game trying to get the Rainmaker anywhere near the target set by the opposition, with only a little success. This serves as a good reminder to play the objective first.

Fast and frantic Tower Control

15th June 2016 – 5.36 pm

No one's safe in a Tower Control battle where every inkling cares about the objective and is fielding a short-range weapon.

Turf is controlled, the tower is moved one way and the other, specials fly all over the place, and it's anyone's game.

Excellent fun to play, excellent fun to watch back.

Turning the tables in Tower Control

14th June 2016 – 5.04 pm

I quite enjoy the Tri-slosher for Tower Control still. I like advancing the objective, and riding the tower gives an obvious height advantage for the bucket. It also gives me another break from using the Splatterscope all the time.

The opposition get an early lead that looks hard to beat. If we can't keep them away from our base, how can we get close to theirs?

Apparently, wiping them out at the same time and controlling the turf is a good strategy. As is using a Bubbler to keep the opposition pressed back. It's a good bit of teamwork to recover from a poor-looking situation.

Trying to be a nuisance in Splat Zones

13th June 2016 – 5.23 pm

As much as I like the Splatterscope, and it is more and more becoming my main weapon, I really enjoy running around with a rapid-fire shooter. It lets me be a nuisance in different ways.

I get a great start in this Splat Zones battle, albeit after an early splatting. I push the opposition back, keep them back, pop a Bubbler just to keep the ink flowing, and come out top in several engagements. I even splat a Killer Wail as it's being set up.

All that good fortune makes me a little cocky, and I keep rushing headlong in to danger, not quite seeing that I was being a bit more cunning to start with. Maybe if I wasn't splatted quite so often, I could have kept the ink our colour for longer.

Flanking the Bluefin Depot Splat Zones

12th June 2016 – 5.27 pm

Swapping the Splatterscope for the Splattershot Jr, I am aiming to be more mobile, which means I want to flank the opposition. Going the long way around takes time, but if I can get behind the other inklings, the surprise should be worth the effort.

My plan goes a bit wrong to start with, as two opposition inklings go the same way as me, but after that I am allowed to go around the back. The extra distance also lets me charge up the Bubbler, letting me survive an encounter and an ink mine.

Further flanking efforts flip-flop between being effective and simply running in to a splat. But there's nothing much more satisfying than catching a charger completely unawares.

I try to measure my attempts at suppressing the opposition with keeing the yellow ink all over the Splat Zones. My squidmates are doing great at that too, leading to a fairly comfortable victory.

Turning the Splat Zones pink

11th June 2016 – 5.36 pm

First things first, orientate myself correctly for the Splat Zones. Bluefin Depot may be rotationally symmetrical, but the Splat Zones are not, and I don't want to rush to the wrong zone again.

An early lead by green is overinked by us. Moving forwards lets me keep the ink pink, but also needs me to dodge an Inkstrike and Killer Wail. But not for long.