Losing the lead in Rainmaker

12th July 2016 – 5.43 pm

Running around with a charger, maybe I shouldn't be the one who grabs the Rainmaker and gets it close to the podium at the start of the battle. That doesn't stop me doing it, though.

It's a better idea than trying to actually splat inklings with my charger, though. My aim still isn't great, although I think I hit the back of the head of a squidmate when I had an otherwise clear shot at one point.

Still, it's a really good lead. We can't lose this battle, right? At the very least, we just need to be good at defence. I make a good start of the defence too, snapping some good splats off the top of the podium, then splatting the Rainmaker and avoiding its blast.

But a sneak attack from around the side catches us off-guard, and just as we head in to extra time, they beat our lead. Good game, inklings.

Skirting around the Splat Zones

11th July 2016 – 5.12 pm

'Secure the Splat Zones' is more of a guideline than an objective, really. I suppose it depends on my mood, my weapon, and what my squidmates are up to.

In this battle, I enjoy getting past the Splat Zones and in to enemy territory, where they probably don't expect me to be.

I owe plenty to my squidmates for letting me adopt this risky tactic and still coming out on top in the end. And my Bubbler.

Losing track of the Rainmaker

10th July 2016 – 5.36 pm

I had a lot of fun with the Tri-slosher the other day, so I give it another go today. I apparently forgot that the previous Ranked mode was Tower Control, where the bucket is perhaps more useful, but that's okay! Rainmaker is fun too.

I get a bit carried away with sloshing ink around that I don't realise the other team has got the Rainmaker really close to the goal. I turn myself around and focus more on the objective.

Covering over their ink that goes all the way up to and over the podium is sensible, as you don't want to give them a free squid all the way to the goal. Almost as sensible is laying our own ink up to and over their podium, although actually protecting the Rainmaker is probably a better idea.

Getting a triple-splat was good, even if I get splatted in return. And carrying the Rainmaker is always fun, even if I don't get far. I nearly splat the Rainmaker to stop extra time, but I am content with having played a good game and enjoyed myself.

Kelp Dome Rainmaker dunk

9th July 2016 – 5.05 pm

I find my Splatterscope works better when my own squidmates don't jump in front of me. Take note, inklings, particularly at the start of battles. Jumping off the base when you have a charger trying to lay a track can be counter-productive.

My charger also works better from a distance. I should remember this myself. But at least I know that I am generally better with Splat Bombs than with a weapon I need to aim.

I don't get to dunk the Rainmaker myself, but I think I contribute. My squidmates do most of the heavy lifting, I spread a little ink here and there, and accidentally offer myself as a sacrifice at the end. Woomy!

Some splatting in Rainmaker

8th July 2016 – 5.44 pm

Another shaky start in this battle of Rainmaker. My aim and our Rainmaker carrying gets a bit better in the middle, but then I'm back to squidding on grates to refill my ink like a newbie.

I manage to get some good splats in still, and although I can't hit a slosher heading right for me, I like to think that distracting two of their inklings just to corner an ineffective charger is a good use of my time.

Falling at the last hurdle in Rainmaker

7th July 2016 – 5.13 pm

We get a great lead from the start, thanks to a clever inkling managing to sneak along the grating to come down a rather less-used route to the podium.

We keep the pressure on, with the Rainmaker staying in opposition territory, until one of their inklings goes the long away back past their base and up to the ramp shortcut to our side.

The Rainmaker stays stuck at that ramp for a while, until we are pushed back enough for purple to bring it further forwards. Unfortunately, despite my advantageous position, I fail to see the Rainmaker being taken up on to the grating, and by the time I do and try to splat the carrier with a Bomb Rush, the carrier keeps his distance and suppresses us with the Rainmaker.

Not even a desperate final splat as the Rainmaker squids up the podium can help us now. A well-deserved victory for the other team.

Hard fought Tower Control

6th July 2016 – 5.52 pm

I had my couple of games with the Splatterscope, and they worked quite well after the Tri-slosher, albeit not quite as fluidly. But just as I am ready to call it a night, I see that I am one win away from being On Fire. I can't leave it like that.

I swap back to the Tri-slosher, as it has definitely been effective so far, and hope for a speculative final victory, so that I can proudly stroke Judd before I go to bed.

I get a bit carried away with pinning down and distracting the opposition to start with, losing track of the tower trundling towards our goal. That's not good, but I get my focus back and concentrate on the objective first, and disruption second.

It doesn't take long to take the lead, and steal much more of an advantage. Even though we don't much more control of the tower, we do enough to prevent the other team from sneaking victory away from us. I even grab the tower away from a Kraken in overtime. Now I'm on fire!

Going for the goal in Tower Control

5th July 2016 – 5.31 pm

I've had plenty of fun with the Tri-slosher in Tower Control this evening. I swap to the Splatterscope to see if I can continue this trend, or if my first choice of weapon was wiser.

Camp Triggerfish should be friendlier to the charger than the slosher, with its long corridors and open spaces, but I also feel like I have to be more cautious too.

Caution is definitely required with the opposition is pressing forwards. But you have to move up a little, at least, when the tower is moving nicely in your direction.

I even ride the tower, when the circumstances allow. Quite how I splat that Inkbrush at the end before it gets me I don't know. And I don't quite believe that I don't get splatted, such is the small pause before I retake the tower, aiming for the knockout.

Being a sloshing nuisance in Tower Control

4th July 2016 – 5.00 pm

Sometimes you want to ride the tower. Sometimes you just want to disrupt your opponents, so that someone else can ride the tower.

This is one of those battles where my squidmates are happy to ride the tower, and the Blackbelly Skatepark map allows me to completely outflank the other team.

I take full advantage of both circumstances.

Making amends for missing the target in Tower Control

3rd July 2016 – 5.19 pm

That Custom Hydra Splattling is quite a threat in the right suction cups. I like to think my Tri-slosher is too, but maybe not always in my tentacles.

The normal tussle at the start of the battle does their way before we're able to assert our presence on the tower. And it goes well, with us getting all the way to the... well, not quite all the way to the goal.

I jump off the tower to keep the opposition back, but don't quite manage it at the last step, and they retake control of the tower. Oops. Thankfully, it's only temporary, and once we regroup, we ride the tower from the centre back to the goal.

All the way, this time.