Bad aiming in Splat Zones

23rd April 2016 – 5.48 pm

I seem to be inking turf effectively, but not splatting the opposition to keep them away from our inked turf. But on reflection, it seems more like I am having a poor time keeping a suitable range.

The Custom Dual Squelcher can engage the opposition squids at quite a long range, yet I still insist in driving forwards to get the splat. I really don't need to do that.

At least we keep our Splat Zones covered, even with my getting splatted so often.

Sometimes Splat Zones splat you

22nd April 2016 – 5.02 pm

Hey, look: it's Eddie! No hard feelings from the last time I spotted him, I hope. We're on the same team this time, at least. Not that it seems to help. The other squids take control of the Splat Zones and use their range to keep hold of them.

Maybe we could have done better, but they really pressed up the map to keep everything yellow. Oh well. Camp Triggerfish has been quite polarising this evening.

And sometimes you splat the Splat Zones

Let's try a weapon with a longer range than the Splattershot Jr. The Custom Dual Squelcher should be good. That has excellent range for a shooter, and the Custom model comes with a Killer Wail, just right for those long corridors of Camp Triggerfish.

It seems to work quite well. Being able to span the gap of Camp Triggerfish to the wall on the other side is very handy, not requiring me to squid around quite so much whilst still keeping plenty of turf inked. The Killer Wail works as expected too, but I'm sure I can improve my aim with it.

Onwards to more Splat Zones!

Rocking the Splat Zones

21st April 2016 – 5.10 pm

Whatever we were doing in this battle, we were doing the right thing! Good turf control, I suppose, plus I managed to keep myself out of trouble for the most part.

I got to know Mahi Mahi Resort quite well during the previous Splatfest, helping with my situational awareness. Having a well-connected central area helps with getting in and out of the way too.

Where's the support in Splat Zones?

20th April 2016 – 5.07 pm

I'm sure my squidmates are doing something, I just don't really know what.

Mind you, a pattern throughout the evening on Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones is seeing one team with the longer-range weapons dominate. As the other map is Mahi-Mahi Resort, it's a tough call what to equip.

I hoped my Splattershot Jr's Bubbler would help, but that only works when I realised when it's charged.

Have a second battle: Missed opportunities in Splat Zones

Not a bad game, particularly as Splat Zones is still the battle mode I'm least comfortable with, but I miss some opportunities that I really should have done better with. How did I miss splatting the squid launching the Inkstrike?

Never mind, we did well as a team, and I did well as an inkdividual, and it was a fun battle. That's the main thing!

Damned Inkzooka in Splat Zones

19th April 2016 – 5.15 pm

Okay, the Inkzooka only splats me a couple of times, but with that range and accuracy it is quite noticable, particularly as it can come out of nowhere. And, sure, coming from a splatterscope user, I realise I can't really complain.

I try to stay back and make use of the Splatterscope's range, but I think am perhaps a little too cautious in this battle.

As well as remembering that the central platform of Kelp Dome is part of the Splat Zones, I probably ought to push up and on to that platform when we are in commmand of the zones. Next battle I will, I promise.

So close in Splat Zones

18th April 2016 – 5.34 pm

The other side has a charger too. An E-litre, and in the tentacles of a competent squid. He hides his laser sight and everything. It leads to some surprise splats, but I like to think I can give as good as I get. Or good enough, anyway. I just need to be smarter.

Considering how far back we drop in the battle, I think we do quite well. I remember a couple of minutes in to press high when we have the advantage, preventing their movement as much as denying their access to the Splat Zones. It's not quite enough, but we have a good battle.

Contributing to the Splat Zones

17th April 2016 – 5.42 pm

Splat Zones today! The two maps are Kelp Dome and Urchin Underpass, so I know full well that I am pushing my luck in sticking with the Splattterscope, but I am hoping that its ability to cover a long stretch of turf quickly will be an advantage. I just need to stop being splatted.

I think I do okay. Not great, but okay, and definitely contributing. Those Splat Bombs I lob over the wall are not just speculative, but an attempt to destroy the Beakons over the top (visible on the Gamepad). And I enjoyed splatting the transforming Kraken, as well as the last-second splat. A pretty good game!

One-way Tower Control

16th April 2016 – 5.18 pm

I know how to play Splatoon. I certainly don't press the reset-camera button instead of jump near the start of the game. But one thing I do is wear a t-shirt with the haunted trait. It's actually pretty decent, acting as a one-squid Echolocator whenever I'm splatted. And in Ranked play I can get splatted quite a lot.

It's Tower Control again this evening. The maps are Walleye Warehouse and Blackbelly Skatepark. I could use the Splatterscope, but I think I could make better use of the Tri-slosher. Let's see.

We have a little stutter with the tower near the start of the abttle, but after that, we're pretty much in control. Good job, squids.

Let's have another quick battle: Taking point in Tower Control

Suction Bomb behind me, charger aiming in front of me. What's a squid to do? Get splatted, dust myself off, and ink smarter.

A good use of the Bubbler in a similar situation, to protect me and my buddy, and then I charger ahead to protect the tower. It seems to work!

Some extra splats and making myself an ink shield helps the tower to trundle on, playing its little ditty.

And a third, as these are so quick: Where did they go in Tower Control?

Continuing with my Haunt t-shirt and Tri-slosher in Tower Control, I am still inching closer to the lofty rank of A+. Will I get there tonight? Nope.

But after an initial struggle with the opposition for control of the tower, they disappear. Judging by the squid bar at the top of the screen, it looks like my squidmates are pressing high in to the opponent territory and preventing the other side challenging for the tower.

Good job, squidmates! I didn't even need to frantically slosh ink around for an emergency Bubbler.

Bad-to-better Tower Control

15th April 2016 – 5.36 pm

This is not one of my better starts to a Tower Control battle. Okay, so I let the longer-range charger have the main perch and hit my secondary perch instead, and get a nice early splat, but all that squidding about outside of my own ink is a bit embarrassing. I look positively newbish.

At least it gets better. Perhaps not a for a while, but trust me, it does. With two minutes to go, I buck my ideas up, get better situational awareness from somewhere, and tuck a handful more splats under my belt.

Job's a good 'un! I'm getting dangerously close to being A+ rank again.

Piranha Pit Knockout in Tower Control

14th April 2016 – 3.04 pm

9-2 with the Splatterscope on Piranha Pit Tower Control is not too shabby! I also try to help the team out by keeping the turf inked our colour, particularly if my squidmates are mired in green.

I have to admit, I didn't realise we were so closing to winning, and so was trying to keep more turf inked instead of hitting the 'Nice!' button.