Applying pressure in Rainmaker (8-7, Tri-slosher)

18th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oop, I nearly get too close to the Rainmaker's shield at the start, but I hang back and nick it off the teal team to get an early, but slight lead. They come back immediately, beating my measly metres, and I both show some restraint to get a splat, and impetuosity in running in to one.

I don't think that Splatterscope hit me, but whatever. You have to play with what you've got. I also cheat a splat by being close to the Rainmaker's shield again, and get my own back by splatting those on the other side of it.

I manage to spot the Suction Bomb just in time, and spy the Splatterscope's laser sight pointing at me, popping my Bubbler to give me a slight reprise. Not enough to run in to the Splatling. The Splatling who apparently has eyes in the back of his head, but this is S-Rank battling, I suppose.

I sneak around the back successfully, and although I get the drop on the Splatterscope I fail to see which way she squids, so move on. And as the only reason I get around the back is because the Rainmaker is behind me, I should go backwards. This has an inkling drop in to my lap, which is nice.

I ignore the Rainmaker with intent to cause more trouble. I think I succeed, although had I squidded a bit better I could have got the Splatterscope as well. Super-jumping back causes a bit more trouble, but mostly for my bucket, which somehow doesn't splat the Splatling.

We did enough, though! We come back from behind to get a decent victory, and although my splat total isn't massive, I consider the splats I got to be good.

Saving it at the end in Rainmaker (10-8, Tri-slosher)

18th February 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't think it benefits me and my bucket to get anywhere fast on Hammerhead Bridge in Rainmaker. I slow down a bit, inking turf, building my Special's charge, and still get caught out by an inkling. I've never been a fan of jumping either.

At least I survive the next splat, but Tri-slosher versus Splatling is generally only going to go one way. The same is true with the .52 Gal, even at close range, when I can't sidle out of the way.

I pause for breath, not wanting to sacrifice my squidy self for nothing, but not quite realising I'm not in my ink. It shouldn't matter in this case. I see my moment and pounce, but the Gal jumps annoyingly. I still don't like that.

I battle smarter, and gain some height over the Gal when I surprise him from behind, completely nullifying his jumping efforts, getting my a very satisfying splat. A second splat is welcomed, and from there I move forwards, a little cautiously, to support the Rainmaker, now moving forwards.

Again, a bit of height helps me superbly. The Splatling is thwarted, the Roller is thwarted, and I come out on top with my bucket. Woomy! I push forwards, but see activity from behind. When I can't find it, but do find the Rainmaker for the taking, I grab it and do what I can.

Some disappointing moments follow. I miss the Roller who super-jumps away a split-second in time, and then my squidding up the side of a wall just puts me in the way of the Rainmaker blast. On top of that, more silly jumping gets the better of me. That's not quite as bad as my ink simply missing, though.

I persevere with getting behind the opponents, though, and it pays off in the end. I splat an Inkzooka from behind, chase the Rainmaker, slowing it down with a nicely aimed Disruptor, and get the splat just as the battle ends. That'll do!

Splats all around in Rainmaker (11-7, Tri-slosher)

17th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I like Walleye Warehouse, and I like running around the back on Walleye Warehouse. But will it work on more experienced inklings? It doesn't look like it. I almost but not quite get a splat, and whilst I do nothing the other team takes an early lead.

My Bubbler is ready as I sneak around the side of the Kelp Splatterscope, so I am a little disappointed to have him snap a perfect shot off at me. Never mind, it happens. And I sneak around the side and get my own back.

A little concentration on the Rainmaker, and I go inking again. I don't splat the brush, but my Disruptor looks to help a squidmate, and the Splatterscope is too high for my bucket, so I look for a different route. Heading back around the side, pausing for breath shows me the extra inkable block. That'll do me for a splat!

How I get no splats when I have my Bubbler up and a couple of inklings in tentacle reach is part of the reason why I get frustrated with S-Rank battles. I'm sure I'm not doing so badly as to miss so wildly, but I suppose I'm just not spotting their inky trails.

I trade splats a few times, in ways I'm happy with, under the circumstances, and I use my Disruptor to good effect a number of times. I shouldn't have jumped over that inkable block when the Splatterscope was charged, though. That was a mistake.

We make a final push as the battle enters extra time, but despite getting some splats and inking ahead, we don't manage to gain the lead.

Hits and misses in Rainmaker (11-9, Tri-slosher)

17th February 2017 – 7.00 am

Back in S Rank, woe is me. But I'll try to stay optimistic. For this venture, I'll stick with my Tri-slosher, and see if I can hold my own on occasion with the bucket.

The battle doesn't start well, as I am easily spotted by two inklings as I try to flank down Hammerhead Bridge, a map I am rather ambivalent towards. I'll just have to be smarter. Apparently that means going straight down the middle.

It helps that I use my Disruptor well, both in throwing it and waiting for the inkling affected to have to recharge. It also helps to know your alternative routes. The only problem is that they really need to be inked first, or aware inklings will see you coming. S-Rank inklings seem to be pretty aware.

I try to make good use of various routes, as well as the ledges and walls. Hammerhead Bridge is a decent map for being highly manoeuvrable, but it also means you have to watch yourself in every direction. I prefer it when I am doing the flanking, of course, particularly to catch a Heavy Splatling and Inkzooka from behind.

I manage that again, this time nullifying the Rainmaker as well as catching a brush in the shield explosion. Good times. That helps us keep our lead, and I manage a decent victory in S-Rank Rainmaker.

Taking care of the Splat Zones (5-0, Tri-slosher)

16th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

The bucket is working well for me tonight. Maybe I'm bucketing smarter, not harder. I think that's the case in this battle.

I refuse to be sucked in to pointless squabbles or petty revenge, and look after myself first and the Splat Zones second.

I make good use of my Bubbler, which saves me nicely, and my Disruptor, which slows down the teal inklings when required.

Along with a little bit of luck, I help the team to a smooth knockout victory. It doesn't get much sweeter.

Bad to better in Splat Zones (10-3, Tri-slosher)

16th February 2017 – 7.00 am

To hell with the Splat Zones! Kinda! I want to get around the back of the other team, surprise splat them, and let us have some time alone with the Splat Zones. My strategy doesn't really go according to plan.

The alternative route works a bit better, and we get control of the Splat Zones as desired. I even show good reflexes and awareness to prevent a Splat Bomb exploding underneath me.

We don't keep the Splat Zones for long, but we get them back after a short delay. And although I go through a completely purple Splat Zone, my strategy this time pays off, getting some splats to ease the pressure on the Zones, allowing us to get them back again.

I have a mini-rampage after the poor start, which is fun! Everything must come to an end, but sometimes it's more of a pause than an end, and I pick up my mini-rampage where I left off.

I don't have long to go for more splats, though. Our counter ticks down pretty quickly, and before I know it we have the knockout victory. Woomy!

Doing just enough in Splat Zones (12-3, Tri-slosher)

15th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can get to the Tower in Blackbelly Skatepark quickly, and I think that should serve me well in Splat Zones, particularly with a Tri-slosher. But my ink doesn't quite slosh down on the Roller coming up, and it's a Carbon Roller, so I get splatted pretty quickly. I should practice with that inker more.

My flanking route doesn't seem to get my any joy to start with, but I get around the back unscathed, and even though I don't get immediate splats I am able to apply enough pressure to move the inklings around. And it doesn't take too long before my splat count gets going.

I do a few circuits of the Skatepark, inking a path, getting a splat, avoiding a splat, inking the Splat Zones, and back around again. This goes on for an excellent amount of time too! At one point I do a 180 to try to fake-out the Splat-cam. I wonder if that works.

Just for a change, I go the opposite direction, going backwards along our own flanking route, making a figure-of-eight, I suppose. Even with my Bubbler charged and my reactions working when surrounded by yellow inklings, I come out of a good-looking situation with no splats. But I move on to get one anyway.

Of course, it's the Carbon Roller that eventually splats me. That's okay, I've used it before, and it's not as easy as it looks. And with only seconds remaining, we are able to hang on to our slim lead, and I get one last splat, on the Carbon Roller. Woomy!

Ups and downs in Tower Control (12-10, Blaster)

15th February 2017 – 7.00 am

I enjoy the Tri-slosher and Splatterscope so much I forget that the Blaster can work well in Tower Control. I sometimes remember, though, and tonight I give the Blaster an outing. I use its explosive ink to bag a couple of splats at the start, although ink from above gets me too.

I try to flank, as I always do, but the range of the Blaster catches me out a lot of the time. Not really knowing where the purple inklings are doesn't help either. I know where they are when I return. They're nearly all on the Tower. It would be perfect, but the shields are up! It's a trap!

Each splat lets me ink an arm of our base, which is something. And when my Killer Wail charges as another is let loose, I cut mine across the other, bagging one splat immediately, and another a second later. Nice! I continue my flanking move and surprise a couple of inklings, whilst a squidmate forces one in to the water. It's looking good, particular as more inklings are splatted.

My attempt to ride the Tower goes poorly. That .96 Gal is the bane of my battle, though, as she shows seconds later again. I take an alternative route to keep the high ground, and help save our lead, also making a daring jump on to the Tower to push it back. It doesn't go too far.

My strategy to go around the back of the Tower works better when I manoeuvre better, and flopping against the wall is only saved by resorting to my Killer Wail. I clear the purple inklings, but not in time to save our lead.

My desire to go the long way continues, and it looks like my mojo is gone. I stand and shoot at air, then dash in to purple ink. Never mind, I had a good battle overall.

Some good splatting in Splat Zones (11-3, Splatterscope)

14th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I find out in a previous battle that my perch isn't quite as safe from a dedicated Octobrush as I would like. That won't stop me from using it, but in this battle I aim to be a bit more mobile, attempting to hold the centre ground but covering more of the Splat Zones.

The main problem is probably the moving platform, which I occasionally have to avoid and work around, but it also protects me a bit, so I don't really mind. My first splat is good, if not as difficult as it might have been. A small puddle of ink is not a great place to hide.

I manage to avoid a Splat Bomb whilst not wasting my own Splat Bomb Rush only by walking in to the start of a Killer Wail, which I also manage to avoid, but when the purple ink rains down on my there's nowhere else for me to go.

There seems to be trouble from the side, with an inkling lobbing the occasional Splat Bomb over the top, but I've learnt to mostly ignore that. In this case, I realise that climbing on to the middle of our big platform is probably a good place for me to be. I get up there and make the most of my vantage point.

I don't hit two squids next to each other, but I stop the one running across the bridge. I miss a jump squid, but that's okay, as Echolocator is my friend, as is lady luck seconds afterwards. And now we're back in control.

Some inkling tries to use his Killer Wail against me. I fall off my perch, but get my own back with a Splat Bomb Rush, that gets an additional splat when I turn my attention to the Splat Zones. I splat the Killer Wailer again, and he turns his attention towards me again with another Killer Wail shortly afterwards.

Dodging down, I have to improvise again. I don't make my close shots and am forced backwards, but the Kraken doesn't chase me down. A Disruptor looks to end my run, though, but a nifty shot relieves some pressure, and a Splat Bomb Rush charges at just the right moment to ignore being Disrupted.

I foolishly expect the Octobrush to drop down to engage me, but he's in a much better position and unsurprisingly doesn't come down. I turn my attention away from him eventually, and return to the Splat Zones. I last a good long time down on the ground, but nothing lasts forever and I get cornered and doomed to a splatting.

Evading the Kraken looked like it was going well, and it's disappointing that two of us couldn't splat the inkling at the end, but never mind. A short time left of not losing the Splat Zones, and we get ourselves the victory.

Flying splats in Splat Zones (7-3, Splatterscope)

14th February 2017 – 7.00 am

I found my Splatterscope Splat Zones spot on Museum d'Alfonsino the other day, and I'm going to use it again today. It's useful because I can cover over half the Splat Zone whilst keeping relatively safe, and aware of the main assault channel.

I can't quite stay up where it's safest, as a rival charger is covering over my ink as quickly as I can shoot it. I drop down and get a good splat on the other charger, without getting splat back. A second splat immediately afterwards is just excellent.

I try to keep the green team from making an significant advance, along with my squidmates, but they come and we can't stop them forever. I get a good shot at a jumping brush, though. I get forced off the perch after that, and from there I corner myself, and my splatting is inevitable.

Back to my favoured perch, and to inking the Splat Zones. My opposite charger is in a similar position on the other side of the map, and I don't feel quite so inclined to go after her at this point. Just keep inking what I can, as there's no need to chase splats.

I keep wary of any green inklings trying to cross over the map, and getting another excellent splat of a flying squid. I miss the next one, but you can't hit them all. Well, I cant. Even so, after a couple more misses I get another excellent splat of an inkling crossing the bridge. I'm stopped this time by being surrounded by Suction Bombs. Not much you can do about that.

I would have liked to have splatted the Sploosh encroaching on my perch, but my reactions aren't quite quick enough. That's okay, as we still have more control of the Splat Zones, which continues for the short remaining period of the battle.